How good is the ASMD now (M10)?

Logged in, wanted to try the buffed ASMD.
Checked bank
realized i stopped picking up ASMDs entirely and got rid of all of them

Anyone tried it?
I guess Amara or moze - in particular interested how well the “Unreal Tournament” combo performs (shoot ball with beam) since that got a special mention in the patchnotes.

Same can be said about everything buffed in this patch : cool for base game, ok tier to utterly useless when it comes to Guardian Takedown (ok-ish for Maliwan Takedown but Maliwan Takedown became basically easier than Trial of Fervor).

ASMD can do some work now but don’t expect much in hard content.

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How is it outside of the Takedown? Does it like at least instakill lowest tier trashmobs in 1 combo on M10?

if you stack overkill damage, maybe. Other than that, I doubt it lol. Tried it on Athenas (aka kindergarden) and it wasn’t too crazy. Just fine at best.

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rough ~.~

Shockrifle fan that I am I tried it out with the 1st one that dropped. Was on Mayhem 6. Did some damage, but really not a lot. Tried to like it for 5 minutes, then ditched it.


Amazing sniper unfortunately not a good gun for guardian which was expected due to the heavy focus on power creep in that takedown. IDK what the should do with that damn thing, that being said the ASMD can be used anywhere pretty well except guardian.

Well that’s good news if it usable in main game, I don’t consider takedowns the baseline to test weapon usability .

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I would add the maliwan takedown to what we consider base game content due to how well it fits the game and how well balanced it is nowadays. Damn guardian takedown made everything messy

In theory, ASMD could be something worth considering now in GTD since combo dmg has gone from x2.5 to x7.5 and it’s shock. Like before, on top of that you get up to 5x Overkill damage on every enemy hit for x37.5 dmg instead of x12.5. This could do some work with the 300vs90 anoint for x150 dmg. Still theoretical though, haven’t tested it.