How Good Is the Enemy AI in Borderland 3?

I saw a pretty good video about Borderlands 3 that was critical of the enemy AI. The enemy AI in Borderlands 1 and 2 is very solid and interesting. I hope its just as good in Borderlands 3.

They took some cover occasionally, I’ll give you that, but…

In the videos I saw, BL3 enemies slide and dive around pretty frequently enough, gunfights seem fun.

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I’m not sure how much “solidity” there is in psycho AI, which (like any other enemy AI) is designed to kill player, but when they initiate player’s FFYL mode, psychos keep chopping the player until they “sacrifice” their lives for second wind of the one they were designed to kill.

Of course it’s “interesting” in some way, but from challenge point of view, it’s kinda cheap, especially when there’s no AI’s behaviour complexity slider.

Just a thought and I don’t have an answer myself. How important is a military shooter level of AI to a Borderlands game?

You can be someone who can successfully run headlong at the enemy and punch them to death. You can become invisible, stand by an enemy, electrocute them and set them on fire. You can conjure up a killer robot who will head for enemies regardless of a bit of cover. You can throw a turret behind the opposition while you attack from the front with another. You can loose an icy homing missile that will fly from target to target freezing them solid. You can have a shield that blocks all frontal damage as you charge in with a sword!

I have watched playthroughs in which the player treats the game exactly like a Modern Military Shooter, hardly ever using their action skill. And that’s fine. One of the strengths of Borderlands is that it allows for a variety of play styles. However, when you give the player characters such wonderfully outrageous abilities, that quickly subvert typical military tactics, how much effort should GBX put into this aspect of the game?

You don’t have to have brilliant AI if the game is just as much fun without it. Look at games like Serious Sam and Painkiller. The enemy AI boils down to “run straight at the player”. But they are both huge fun to play. Obviously, Borderlands requires something a bit more complex than that but would cutting edge enemy AI actually make it any more fun?


I agree. No need for a cutting edge enemy AI.

However if Gearbox find the means (time, money manpower etc) then it’d fix the one thing I’ve seen negative about BL3 that is more than just me digging for nitpicks, and even then it’s only a little beyond a nitpick as is.

I’m sure Borderlands 3 will be awesome regardless! Certainly looks that way.

Totally agree, game play of borderlands (specially BL3) is far for chaotic and unpredictable than typical military shooter. Introducing more complex AI would be challenging to code, buggy and hard to test considering the chaotic and dynamic nature of player actions in the game. Not to mention you also need to reserve CPU resources for running complex AI, which is not feasible on current gen console hardware.

And I have not seen any game developer boasting about their game AI in last decade, nor there has been much improvement on the AI side in FPS games. You would see people even today, making post on reddit how the AI in FEAR is still unmatched by modern FPS (though thats the a different discussion).

If you look at recently released shooter the AI is always the weakest point, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Far Cry 5, The Division 2, Anthem, Metro Exodus etc all of these games have lackluster AI. Remember, if it was easy, many developers would do it, but it is not.


To be fair, the complaints in the video are valid, but they sound more like bugs, i.e. the AI not doing what it’s supposed to. So in a broad sense, it should be “improved”.