How Guardian Takedown copied the worst from Destiny [imo]

Platforming - I think platforming does not work in FPP, you never know where your feet gonna land, I hate it. What I always liked about Borderlands is that it never punished you for terrible jumping skills, but guardian takedown is the opposite - one bad jump and you have to start from beggining.
Defending objective/standing in circle - artificial extension of game lenght, like Mr Tourge would said: “BOOOOOOOOORING!


It is such an annoying pattern in fps games to try and shoehorn in badly-suited platforming rather than simply giving the player more movement options and allowing them to use them to their own advantage during the shooting.

Doom Eternal had the same problem and most of the levels where you had a strict path required using the movement skills were far more annoying and far less fun than the slayer gates where you used the movement skills as much or as little as you wanted in order to give yourself an advantage over the baddies.


I never understand the complaints about jumping in this game, I don’t find it very challenging. Just turn on ‘mantle with forward’ and you’re good to go.

It is not an issue of whether it is challenging or not.

It simply isn’t very fun compared with when you actually use the BL3-movement options out of choice during actual shooting and is nowhere near as good as the platforming in actual platformers. It is not a coincidence that the Mario games went to 3d, but avoided first person perspective.


Hate the jumping stuff , puts me right off


Haha what movement skills during combat do you use? Are you referring to the jumping/sliding anointments that everyone despises?

No, I mean using mantling, sliding etc as additional options during a fight, stuff that is fun while levelling characters, but falls by the wayside once you get locked into higher mayhem builds.

Interesting. Well just fyi, if you put speed demon on you can skip most of the purple platforms, makes speedrunning the takedown easier

It’s a complete coincidence because nobody knows why the various Mario teams made the developmental decisions they did :stuck_out_tongue:

But the key part is you saying “it isn’t fun”. I dunno. I found the jumping challenge in TTAoDK in BL2 more annoying. Fun is subjective. It’s impossible to prove one way or another.

I’m getting a bit oldschool here, but I grew up with Half-Life (and I’m sure many older gamers have as well) and Xen. Jumping platforms have always been in FPS (and FPS-styled) games to some extent. There’s nothing wrong with not liking them. But that doesn’t mean people don’t, either.

(Half-Life had its troublesome parts for sure. I hated the teleporter room sequence. But Xen was alright, mostly)

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Yep, I think what most people miss is the ability to double jump or float, to correct their jump mid air.


I know how to double jump and control character in air, but if I wanted to play a good platformer, I would not be playing Borderlands 3 :slight_smile:


They don’t miss the ability personally, the miss the ability in borderlands.
And for good or for worse, mixing genres is pop culture in gaming right now.

The jumping in BL3 is way too “floaty” IMO which makes platforming a PITA.

I also hate the sections with the platforms because I have died too often and had to start again. GB must have known that these are places where you die too often and you have fun at some point. Then why didn’t you set a kind of reset point at this point so that you don’t have to start from far back or even at the beginning. What bothers me are the drops of the final boss, I did the takedown 15 times with FL4K and Zane Solo and only got one of the new Legendarys twice, I played on Chaos10. Funny is, when I played on Chaos1 for testing, I even got 2 Globetrottrs at once.

Try Doom Eternal…& go back to Bl3…tell me what you think about BL3 platforming.

What are your drop results like? Are they as bad as mine? So that you often go through the takedown for nothing and end up empty-handed? Here are some pictures of the crap I got dropped.

That looks like a Woodblocker. How dare you label that as crap!


I got a weird melee shield and a launcher. I doubt they are very good but testing them is still fun. And of course the last boss also dropped the mandatory meme woodblocker

the globe trotter launcher is actually kinda funny with clone double barrel, I need to investigate

Did they even notice that sweet Malek’s Bane? That thing is too OP.

I think the new Cloudkill dropped in there somewhere too.

When you have to start a Takedown at the beginning again due to missing one jump, or being knocked off from poorly implemented “knock back” features, people have a tendency to get upset … with good reason IMHO.

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