How hard is it to add a disable button for Guardian Rank?

I really hate guardian rank and I believe its only there to hurt the game, its impossible to compare stats with other weapons with guardian rank thanks to arbitrary buffs that doesnt come from your characters own abilities or your gear. It also kills any opportunity for Time Trials to come back to BL3. This option was in BL2 and I do not understand why GBX to a step back with this decision. It has been several months and this easy to put in feature still is not added. There really is not a valid reason for it to no be a option.

If they ever add more perks, hopefully we’ll be limited in the number of perks that can be activated so that every player doesn’t always have the same active perks. It would add a new dimension to builds too.

And yes, make them able to be turned off. I’ve seen a number of comments saying few of the perks make some builds nearly impossible to do once taken.


About as hard as it is to give us vertical split screen.


Come on, you’re hard on them, they disabled them for everyone the previous patch.


what do you mean by disabled them?

The guardian perks went kaput for some time

I havent spent any points in guardian rank, which in return I cant unlock the cosmetic items which is really annoying


Gearbox: fixes guardian ranks


Gearbox: :cry:


I never spent any points in guardian rank so that is irrelevant to me.

It’s probably too much to ask but I’d love it if we could disable individual perks but leave others active, some of them are very useful but others can ruin certain builds as mentioned earlier in the thread. I’ve pretty much stopped using guardian points altogether as I don’t want the one that recharges your shield after every kill and the explosion one that can apparently kill you if you get too close.


I can’t be certain, but I don’t think the nova one hurts you? It’s hard to be sure because I play Amara with Catharsis (a skill that actually does hurt you sometimes) and a barrier Zane, but I haven’t seen the crit nova hurt me yet.

Oh! I can test it with Fl4k using Fade Away. I’ll let ya know later :slight_smile:

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Making a feature that was optional in BL2 mandatory in BL3 is dumb

Accidentally breaking a mandatory feature and leaving it broke for weeks is dumb

this isn’t a “Gearbox can’t win” situation, it’s a “don’t remove options that existed in the previous game and do some QA before rolling out hotfixes pls” situation.


Fade away Fl4k crit killing normal mode skags in fade away received no damage from novas.

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Creating the toggle really shouldn’t be hard, because they already have an off/on state from being unlocked.

However, based on how hard it is for them to fix anything related to their UI, I’m going to guess it’s entirely an issue of where to put the button.

Yes, that sounds really sad. But I’ve also worked on enough AAA games to know that it’s not uncommon with UI design that 17 people all want to be involved in that conversation, from the company head and all the leads and maybe the janitor, followed by a 500+ reply chain email about exactly what shape and color and position the button should have. Meanwhile, the Lead UI designer goes home every night and drowns themselves in bottles of alcohol to cope.

I don’t work at Gearbox, but since they appeared to have already done a lot of the heavy lifting in code to move the perks to the character saves, I have no other explanation.


How hard is it to do a lot of things that are missing from this game? Like allowing us to change the Mayhem level from anywhere without having to go all the way back to Sanctuary. Or a quick swap gear/build system given the randomness of the mayhem mods. Or better use for Eridium, as the gun purchase system becomes obsolete once you start grind for legendaries.

Lots of things this game could fix!

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You’re probably right but it’s not exactly a high priority. Only a very small minority of people ever turn it off. I imagine it will happen eventually, just not until there’s not more important stuff to look at.

That’s not hard, they just don’t want you doing it. Otherwise you could do stuff like fight your way to the Maliwan Blacksite bosses with Mayhem off then bump up the mayhem levels for better loot right when you get the boss down to 10% and are about to finish it off.

They aren’t going to put something that easily exploitable into the game.


They could add it into the fast travel menus (the physical fast travels at the beginning of each map). They pretty much have no use anymore anyways besides comfort for people too used to using them from BL2 to adapt to the map travel.


I don’t know if it was mentioned yet, but they probably want to limit our access to being able to change Mayhem modes at will because then we can just suddenly make bosses super easy, and then change to M4 just before they die. But I agree, there are areas that certainly need attention. Having saveable skill loadouts is one I’d like to see.

Ope. It was mentioned.

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