How has Moze’s grenade and ammo regeneration been affected by the recent hotfix?

Does Means of Destruction still work well, even if you have to space out the time you sue your grenades by 2 seconds? How does it work with the Hex after the hotfix?

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I think Moze is a perfectly balanced character right now and there is no reasons to look her any further.

*wink wink


Haven’t played her yet. The ammo regen should be totally unaffected based on what the patch notes say. As for grenade regen, it sounds like you will only be able to proc 1 grenade regen every 2 seconds. If that is true, you should still be able to spam them, just not quite as quickly, you won’t be able to spam infinite grenades as fast as the grenade throwing animation allows. But you should be able to throw like 3 grenades in a row, shoot enemies for several seconds, and have all 3 grenades regen from the 3 recurring hexes damaging enemies over time while you are shooting.

What I read is means of dustruction on grenade has a 2 sec delay, not you you can proc a grenade every 2 sec.

By the way, the proc rate is only 6% max out (before class mods). Which means the actual delay is probaly much longer.

Unless I am wrong, the build is pretty much dead. At least I get to enjoy playing it for a while.

Why would it be dead if I’m using a grenade like storm front or hex, and I wait 2 seconds before throwing another?

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Means of destruction is a 6% chance to proc a grenade, not 100% chance to procs.

The actual delay will be more than 2 sec. How much longer? Need to test.

yea shes in a perfect spot now. no need to mess with her anymore.


That is with a normal grenade though. The recurring hex mirvs out 6 grenades, each of which sends out beams of elemental damage at enemies. Each beam has a DoT with a really fast tick rate, and these beams can proc Means of Destruction. Before this patch, it was possible to regen like 4 grenades from a single Recurring Hex, even without a class mod that gives bonus points to Means of Destruction. If I read the patch notes right, there is now a 2 second wait between each grenade regen. So you should still be able to toss out like 3 grenades in a row and have all 3 back after 6 seconds, but you won’t be able to spam grenades infinitely, or at least that’s how I read the patch notes. I will need to login and test that first.

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Well, we shall see then. Hopefully its not that bad.

those pretty much wont kill the build but i see how they want us to not spam grenades so honestly this is a decent nerf

I already got the patch and Played, nearly same as before, u run a LITTLE bit lower on grenades sometimes if u throw too much, though no way near zero and ammo regeneration is still OP for Flakker

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Seems fine to me so far. You can’t really infinite grenade spam any more, but you can still regen alot of grenades and ammo. The exact strategy I expected to work works well. Toss out 3 recurring hexes, then fire your flakker some and all 3 grenades will regen over 6 seconds and a good bit of flakker ammo will regen as well.

U still can very much grenade spam, just need to use the Flakker a tiny bit more ^^ actually shooting :smiley:

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Good to know then. ButI am taking a break from Moze & start Amara

Honestly they probably could have gone for 3 second instead of 2 seconds and this build would still be amazing. But I hope they don’t do any further nerfs for this build, you’re supposed to build an OP character in Borderlands.

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This is what I expect. MIRV or Recurring Hex applies a ton of damage events every second, so I am pretty sure that using them will result in 1 grenade around every 2 seconds even despite the 6% chance.

If both of these compete with each other meaning

you can only proc magazine ammo OR grenade for each proc
then this has deleted the entire infinite nades on moze and coincidentally also things like infinite flakker to a lesser degree (at least you will have to reload at some point now)

If both of these proc independently:
absolutely nothing has changed. A hex every 2 second is more than is needed for complete invulnerability. You can reliably proc it exactly every 2 seconds with things like the hex and flakker np.

Personally i still would have prefered if they looked at the hex itself.

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Hex is fine outside Moze nonsense. MoD and Vampyr is what makes it so broken. I am actually surprised they did not add cd to Vampyr as well.

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they shouldn’t have an issue with her health regen honestly seeing as it’s pretty much exactly the same as grog + storm front were in bl2 for every character. infact, i would not be supprised if all VHs can do this at some point after a couple of DLCs if they re-introduce moxxi weapons. unless they already can? i know amara have some life steal, not sure to what extent

There are moxxi weapons, but they seem to work as intended now. Only gun damage heals you