How has this game been on it's feet?

Come out and say this, I’m an Overwatch player. I love Gearbox and pretty much just bought this game as a…fill it while I wait for Overwatch to be released. And I had my fun with it, manage to unlock all it’s characters and the bundle I got with it got me the Season’s pass so— yeah awesome lol.

Once OW got released though, I dropped this game quicker than… ugh? I got nothing clever to say here. :no_mouth:

I just now remembered I own this game as I was clearing out my PS4 lol. So before I uninstall it (maybe) how has this game been on it’s feet for the past while? /Just a note; I’m playing OW on the PC, I just own BB on the PS4 cause… I heard PC version was kinda sh*t./

I’ll probably come back to it, it’s just I need space in my PS4 for other awesome games lol.

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It is an amazing fun game for me. I truly enjoy the pvp gameplay and the pve content doesn’t stay behind. I can’t say the same for overwatch. That game bored me after playing it for 2 hours straight. I had to return overwatch on the same day and use the refund money to buy Battleborn.


Now let’s not go and bad mouth any game, ok? I wasn’t saying anything bad about BB please be respectful to OW as well.

I’m just asking a question, not trying to cause a VS thread that always get taken down.

Sorry you misunderstood that as a bad mouth. I was simply stating my experience just like you did with both games. Does that make your OP a bad mouth to Battleborn too?


Two new heroes, third one comes in two days. Three new PVP maps. Balance changes. A lot less player base than in first weeks, but in some regions it’s still enough to find matches quickly.


I don’t recall bad mouthing BB. I said that it was fun and that it was neat I got a season pass for it as well. If your talking about me dropping the game… is that really bad mouthing the game? People lose interest all the time when it comes to games :thinking:

People can still like a game, but still lose interest in it. Other than saying I “dropped” it, I never said anything bad towards it.

In 2 days? I’m gonna have to check that out (online that is.) What timing lol. I knew about the other DLC heroes but didn’t think a new one would be released again (least at the time of posting this lol.)

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Go back and read my post again. I don’t believe you understood what I meant. I’ll just say it again. I wasn’t bad mouthing any game/player. I don’t like to do that in any forum I participate. Just like you explained your experience with both games I also stated mine. Posts can be misinterpreted.

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Let’s just drop this. I shouldn’t have even stated I was a OW player considering how heated that gets people on here…

I’m sorry if I misread your post. Now, if we can… let’s keep this civil (so far so good right now.)

Since you have the season pass, you should definitely wait for the new story operations, the first DLC one is coming out soon! It’s about Attikus and the Thrall rebellion, sounds very interesting.

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Their finally adding new story? Aw, that’s badass! The story was semi-ok, but it had good potential :slight_smile: (Loved that opening song!)

Yeah, though it seems these DLC story operations will be different from the base game ones - they have put very much attention into their re-playability. (Which is a very good thing!)

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To be honest i had a similar experience as the raylightning guy personally i dont like shooters(except a few like time splitters splatoon and doom more but thats not what this is about) and thats what overwatch felt like another shooter i play overwatch when a bunch of my friends ask me to and even then i never stay on for more than an hour before going to back to battleborn also you said you play on PS4 i play PS4 and i think the game is doing fine

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As for Battleborn alone: well, it gives me unique fun experience, and to 700-900 others like me (though it has its problems on PC, a lot). PvE is quite uniue, and PvP is definitely unique.
As for Overwatch vs Battleborn …there is no VS. Besides, I own all the CS’s - and that by itself is instant GFO for Overwatch :wink:

Edit: nvm, noticed it was about PS4

Not comparing anything, please keep it clean…

Who compares? See, it’s like

Once OW got released though, I dropped this game quicker than… ugh? I got nothing clever to say here.

I just said that since I own some Counter-Strikes I dropped OW before it even got released :wink:

Okay, let’s move on from the debate about who said what, and talk about the game, please.

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This game has been on its feet for this long because of the dedicated fanbase and the fact that Gearbox although mistakes have been made will refuse to give up on this title because of a lack of players. With time I bet BattleBorn will rise into the players it deserves and thrive to be even better than it is now because of the dedication everyone is putting into making this game succeed.

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I’ll admit I’m an Overwatch player, I dropped all interest in Battleborn cause reasons. I did play the beta however as Thorn. How it’s still going? The reviews are ugly as ■■■■, a lot of people don’t play it if you look at the actual numbers but what keeps it going is it’s loyal fanbase, the fanbase right here on the forums mainly. Battleborn does have a lot more to offer than Overwatch in terms of content. Case and point, Battleborn has an actual story mode. Won, simply put. Both of the games have memorable and lovable characters (except for Mei, she’s just painful.)

Anyways, yeah. That’s it. It’s been said before, the undying love from the community.