How has this game been on it's feet?

I do feel strongly about Overwatch, I’m not gonna bad a good game though. And the fact I’ve seen posts on here get deleted/locked cause a small tangent started going off, is super annoying. As I said, I’m just trying to keep things calm and neutral. Watch how things happen on here, cause everything I’m getting… is very nice to hear that it’s going well. All I need is some jack off to ruin this thread cause he said a few things, causing others to speak their mind a lot more and BOOM!.. A mod locks this thread.

Now, can we please… just drop this.

Great, now we are potential “jack off” for doing the same thing that you did on your initial post.

Maybe you should edit your first post so no one else brings it up.

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Oh my god…

The OP just sounds like the people who still play Battleborn are damned lunatics for continuing to play it, since the poster already forgotten it existed and moved on.

It’s really hard not to interpret it that way when he’s referring to Battleborn as something that is taking up space on his PS4 and he wants to delete it and replace it with something else.

Because, you know, uninstalling seems to be a very tempting suggestion, as written in his post.

If you’re struggling this much to keep it, maybe you should just uninstall it. For your own sake.


Thank you, I was about to recommend that.
Starting a simple info inquiry with “I forgot this game because of game X” will naturally lead to the kind of responses we see here. If you want the topic to be free of the old “OW vs BB”-issue simply let out the part about OW in total and edit your OP a bit.

To all:
Talk about the game not other users. Its quiet easy to follow our simple [Forum Rules] (FORUM RULES... Please read!).
For all who have not done it so far highly recommend to read them.


If you have to wait longer than 10 minutes, leave the queue and come back.

It’s not what you said, but it’s the way you worded it. Different people will interpret your posts in different ways, but based on how this thread is going, I’d say that I’m correct about how your post is being perceived.

I suggest doing what Yellow and Ganjamira suggested and removing the mention of OW, and just say something like “I forgot that I had owned this game because of the sheer amount of games I own”, otherwise you’ll keep getting these OW vs BB comparisions.

But regardless, if you forgot about this game, you did because you didn’t enjoy it as much as your other games. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s true, if you really did enjoy it you wouldn’t have forgotten it.

Yea, I do/did that.

The well was dry

Aw I love the Battleborn community, so passionate, so in love with their game, and so they should be! :heart:

However, there is no reason for the OP to edit what they have said, in my opinion. (Each to their own)

The OP has of course, mentioned the game that doesn’t sit pleasantly with many BB players. But we, the BB community, need to stop getting our feathers so flustered every time this game is mentioned… It’s not the enemy, it’s just another game. We are only fuelling an unnessesary fire, a personal fire in fact, it’s time to put the flames out (though, I do like a nice warm fire!).

The original OP, had simply asked you to ‘talk up’ a game you love. They are asking you to speak positively about BB. Why you love it. Why you play it. Why they should play it. Heck… Invite them to a game!

Yes, clearly their original interest was with OW, but they said they bought BB to pass the time in waiting, and enjoyed it… They didn’t say they put BB down due to negitive reasons, just because they got the game they were after in the end. They still own BB, just been playing a different game.

The OP didn’t directly add any negitive context towards any game, unlike posts above. They didn’t compare games, unlike posts above. They didn’t even share their experience with either game (really), unlike posts above.

All they did was mentioned they are an OW player, that that was their original gaming goal. That they bought BB while waiting for OW. Enjoyed BB but OW came out. Have continued to play OW but now seek a reason to return to BB. And yes, mentioned what WE as a community already know, and that’s that BB isn’t doing as well on PC as it is Console, where they own their BB copy… That’s truth, not negitivity.

No moderation required.
No topic locking required.
No nasty comparisons, jumping to conclusions, or general saltiness required.

We love BB, even if some of us have become occupied with other things. (I too am playing other games, even the one mentioned by the OP. Gaming is FUN!)

Encourage those who have picked up a different game, to come back to BB.
If you see a post like this one, ask for their PSN/gamer tag, say you would love to play a match or two with them.
Give them a reason to put whatever else they are playing down, and come on over to BB.
Give them a reason to keep playing this game, rather than discard it.
Invite, invite, invite!

Share the love… Rock that BB positivity! :heart:


Well I would say it will be pretty good for a while considering how consoles are doing just fine, I say try make some friends on it and just see how it goes (and take your time) and I hope you enjoy

You might want to read it a bit more carefully about what the OP was writing. It’s admirable that you are positive and give things the benefit of doubt, which with my personality I cannot bring myself to act in such a manner, but upon closer inspection you would find that, like the moderator mentioned, the words used would ignite confrontational responses.

I’m not going to copy his entire post in this reply, you can easily scroll to the top and read it a few more times for yourself.

I can assure you if I wish to have a decent, civil discussion with the intent to have a discussion of ideas, I wouldn’t came up with such a tone that would more likely incite frustration and argument.


Thank you… just thank you.


So… about Battleborn! :sweat_smile:

That new hero people are talking about, how hyped are you about him/her… it? (I don’t know, I haven’t looked it up as of yet.)

Ernest will be the first out of the new battleborn launched that I plan on snap picking when he is available. Though I doubt I will get him since I have 15 different loadouts lol

I’m gonna end up salting some wounds with this response (unintentional, of course), but I’m hoping he plays a little like Junkrat. If he does, I’m going to enjoy myself far more than I probably should.


Ernests release is going to be explosive.

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I assure you, I’m not new to this forum, I read things very intently, and I have written many of my own topics, and replied many times. I think the community is pretty familiar with me… Or so I like to think, haha.

There isn’t a ‘tone’ to the OP post, for they are just words. We assign our own opinions, ideas and feelings to them, therefore, what you think (and read) will be much different from my own. And I will always choose the positive spin, because I love smiles on member’s faces, and if I can turn a frown upside down, I’ll try my best… Always on team friendly.

I have read the original OP many times. And I still don’t see any intended malice or harm in what has been said. Because I don’t harbour any negative intentions or thoughts towards the term or game ‘overwatch’.

This is where the malice/harm is for others, because he named dropped something that different individuals have become to dislike, for their own reasons. The whole blizzard VS gbx thing.

Doom, uncharted4, and the latest No Mans Sky doesn’t seem to harbour such a threatening demeanour, they too have had an impact on the success of BB. As gamers love variety, and some people are able to buy more than one game at a time and therefore player numbers dwindle from one to the other. While others slog it out with just one… And man can BB be a worthwhile slog!

The BB community needs to stop with the idea that overwatch is a horrible thing.
Sure… Generally speaking, we all have unpleasant feelings towards our partners ex, but if we stopped letting our ‘own’ conceived ideas get in the way, they could be a great person, a new best friend, haha.

No I’m not saying, go play overwatch, it’s great, or learn to like it… I’m just saying ‘let it go, let it go’… It’s just a game.

I’m just asking the BB community to take a deep breath when such a game is mentioned.
I believe we can be the bigger and better community here.
It’s very tempting to say ‘I like Battleborn because…’ And add ‘but overwatch was boring’ on the end, but it looks and sounds better for the game and community as whole, to just say ‘I like Battleborn because…’.

It’s much more welcoming and inviting to current, past, or future BB players to remain on the positive path of representation, than add anything further… Even though it’s mighty tempting!

You mentioned it wasn’t your personality to give things the benefit of the doubt, or to be positive. And I respect that.
Just as I ask you to respect that I too, can read (and re-read for your wellbeing) and interpret things the way I like.

I offer this outlook to the BB community because I think it’s much more helpful than negitivity.
Things only have to be messy or nasty, or appear to incite frustration or argument, if we choose to purse that way of thinking, acting, and being… There is always another option.

So smile… And may all that’s great about BB strive to be even more badass!

And may @Cody2Hottie get enough positive insight from current players, to keep BB within the titles they currently wish to play (PS4 can only hold so much, it can be a tough choice what to leave on one’s harddrive, and what to go without for the time being).

It’s a great game, and having the season pass too, I say boot it back up when you have the chance… And maybe join the ‘Battleborn Forumites’ community on PS4 (unofficial community for this forums PS4 players) to look for some forum members to play with if need be :wink:


The new hero is going to be like some sort of spammer? I have yet to look up any real information yet so I’m just spit balling here lol?

How were the other DLC heroes so far? If I wasn’t so distracted by other games… (sigh) :rolling_eyes:

If I was still playing, Alani seems like my type of hero. I read about her a few weeks when she was released and she seems fun.

I’m thinking/hoping the same thing… just didn’t have the balls to actually say so anywhere on this forum :sweat_smile:

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