How has this game been on it's feet?

What is with everyone liking mei

I have no problem finding players on X1. Its very much alive so I don’t have anything to tell you? IDK, go back to OW?

The game is still live on XB1, and is a blast to play if you find the character/s that fit your style, and spend some time learning the mechanics of the game and your characters

Having a team of people to play with can help (well duh :slight_smile:)

But what I love most is this is not a twitch shooter, I am not going to walk round the corner and die to someone camped in a corner, or has a reaction time 1/2 a second quicker than mine. Also the tactics and strategies you can employ based on characters played, adds a lot of replayability.

My 2 pence

Only during peak hours, and for just 1 mode on a timely manner, the other 2 go from slow to not firing. And during off times it gets much worse for all modes.

Still, that just half the pictire. Consoles might get decent queue times but the quality of the matches still is horrible. They only get quick matches at the cost of throwing the ELO off the window, and it shows.

Quick queues are useless if I cant get matches that arent complete washouts from the start.

So, like a lot of people have been saying, Ernest comes out Thursday for Season Pass holders, we should be getting Attikus and the Thrall Rebelling DLC Story thing soon ™, and people still play the game. Speaking as a PC player, I have no idea how the console community is doing, I just believe that PC doesn’t “suck,” We just supposedly have a small community than console.

So, for you, worse case is you come back, have no fun, and decide you are done. Best case, you come back, have fun, and are happy.


I’ve been playing all day the last couple of days. All modes on X1 coming up no problem. I was able to get kleese lore challenge out of the way. I actually got some really great matches yesterday.

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Agreed I don’t see all the horror stories that everyone keeps bringing up, yes I get the occasionally match of PUGS vs high levels but it tends to work out okay most games.

The only annoyance was disconnects, but that seemed to be mainly at the beginning of the new map releases


right now PC has 283 players on, worldwide.

Thats not a small community. Thats a dementially minuscule, microscopic community. Incursion takes 5+ minutes, just to get an absolutly loopsided match that shouldnt even have happened in the first place. Capture and meltdown plainly dont exist.

PC is dead and buried currently, and I even have reservations that F2P will save it


I think it’s PC troubles. That and people who want you to think that it’s including consoles as well.

Yeah I get that, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the console numbers were low compared to other games.

I have to be honest and say at early hours of the morning, Capture and Meltdown can take a while to get a game.

But normal play times all is good

I don’t really care for those modes very much anyhow. They are fun occasionally. I wonder if that’s the problem with those modes? I don’t know the volume, but it could be that more people just like incursion.

I’m on PS4 also and as far as queue times go i’ve yet to wait more than 2-3 minutes for any kind of match. Just like @maskerader said the 3rd BB Ernest is coming out on Thursday and from what most of us have gathered from the livestream for Ernest they mentioned that they will have a panel at PAX and will be livestreaming their whole bit, so i’m thinking they’ll be dropping some info about the DLC missions (fingers crossed) maybe more who knows.

All in all i’ve had nothing but a great experience with BB whether it be stomping face or getting my face stomped lol

Welcome to hit me up if you decide to fight the good fight and keep BB in your library, my PSN is genocidejack86.

I play OW also, not as much as BB but i’m down to play either one.

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I am definitely a fan of Meltdown, capture and Incursion I can give or take, and is definitely more dependant on the people I am playing with.

I find with incursion that the games either never seem to go anywhere, or its just a steam roll for one side, but maybe that’s because I haven’t played enough, so a small subset of games to relate to

very active on consoles. no issues for me on XB1 with story or MP.


Some people like higher survivability and not getting one shot by ults every 5 seconds. I played over watch and honestly can’t get why people like it. No gear. No progression. No customization. You just have 21 bland, unchanging characters.

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Someone’s salty.

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Not salty. Just didn’t enjoy the game. I wasn’t getting ulted because I played a bot match then quit. It just wasn’t fun.

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Who Said What would be a great band name.


Ps4 player

I think is doig rly good, i usually play meltdown or incursion the longest time i had to w8 was a monday 3 am and got teamed with asians.

Devs care and make minor changes every week and big changes every month. The game mechanics can be tough, specially now that everyone kmow what to do and you wont in the first few matches.

New content soon will be added and some if not all characters changed since balance update, so its like a new game.

Matches are longer than OW, team composition is fundamental since you cant change characters once you select, so be carefull and read some tips (bb lacks a good tutorial but Nova should tell you what to do)

I hope you join us and have fun :smiley: