How high in Mayhem can I go?

I finished the story and played a little into tvhm. Currently farming mouthpiece at M10 for experience. I was wondering how high in mayhem I can go before enemy start becoming bullet sponges. I was thinking of stopping at m6 so I can farm the new legendaries. Are most legendaries still viable in M6.

I forgot to mention I’m only able to farm mouthpiece cause im abusing moze witha legend class mod that increases iron bears length of use.

You can actually use that Rocketeer mod to farm anyone you want. Iron Bear will do all the work for you.

I haven’t played in lower mayhem for awhile, but from what I remember, most legendaries start to fall off around m4. However many are still good at m6.

Honestly if you use the Iron Bear trick to gear up, Mayhem 10/11 isn’t that bad. Dlc 3 has some of the best weapons for Moze.

Farm eridium and use the fabricator o. M10 for easy legendaries.

You can also farm vendors on M10

Use those to farm easy bosses like gigamind.

If you have DLC1, farm Freddy :innocent: there’s a trick in which you can 1 shot him which never got fixed

Since you are already dealing with M10 - that’s pretty much it, as far enemies health etc. You can go to M11 and get rid of modifiers at the expense of drop rates, but enemies remain the same.

If you are using Bear Trooper (that’s the one that lets you pilot IB much longer, I think), you should be all set for all content on M10/11 - I usually clear the mobs with ~60% of my fuel left, and bosses die pretty quickly too I find dual Vanquisher tracking pods super effective - takes care of targeting and everything explodes, element matching be damned. Investing in skill that buffs damage for the same hard points helps too. You can also find any gun with “+100% Vanquisher damage” anointment, and it gets even more trivial for IB.

Gets boring after a while, though, relying on IB that is.

I decided to stick to M4 after i finished leveling up. Normal enemies just feel super tanky even on M6 so it is not worth the trouble and is not fun. I was only able to farm in M10 cause I had iron bear my weapons felt like peashooters by comparison. At M4 though my weapons are still doing decent damage so I think I will stick there for a while.

I suggest farming classmods and artifacts on low mayhem :wink: (increasing damage through the modifiers on them)

Those don’t scale :blush: (or rather it’s abysmally low)

Farming standard guns in M10 is easy (farming gigamind for example… A good shockweapon/grenade to strip his shield and a hellwalker will have you farming him with ease)

@garfield1283 is telling you the word of God, Hellwalker/Transformer/Quasar setup for life, farming or no and you’ll be set for Zane, Fl4k and non IB Moze

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Yeah, à transformer will really help… A LOT :innocent:

Best shield still