How I do so despise loot midgets

Summary, I have the worst luck, I wish to trade for certain items,

Now then, onto the main section of this post.
I’ve been farming for a decent pearlescent butcher for a while, a good 40 runs of the wildlife exploitation preserve with doctor’s orders open, nada, only one pearlescent, which is an avenger, i would be happy to trade the avenger or a few legendaries, such as the refill baby maker, a legendary hunter class mod, a plethora of eridium classmods, a bladed emperor or any one of the torgue legendaries from the machine, i.e. i have a double penetrating unkempt harold from the machine.

i am level 58 and the items listed are between level 54 and 57 and the only items i would like to trade for are
a tattler of level 55 or higher
a butcher of 55 or higher
and a butcher of level 72 for max level mobbing, i would say op8 but i doubt i’ll try anything past op5

thanks in advance
Jack Frost90997 on xbox live (on the xbox one)