How I Easily Melt Hemovorous the Invincible Raid Boss as Amara, Flak, Moze & Zane (Build)

The Reddit User: u/King_Farticus. Explained a method he uses to farm the Raid Boss was to use the Back Burner and shoot the shots directly below the raid boss. What I aim to do is to try to showcase this and to give a way for anybody to easily melt the raid boss regardless of build. This method works with any character and any build.

Click Here for a Video Showcase & Explanation:

The Reddit user Explained this bit a lot better then I could in written form so please enjoy this Quote from u/King_Farticus on how to do this:

"Ill just throw this bit in for some help with dps:

The Backburner. Corrosive and Incendiary specifically for obvious reasons.

Everyone knows how strong it is, but this weapon shines against Hermi/Vermi. Its a weapon anyone can get ahold of regardless of dlc and any build can make use of.

Due to the way its projectiles act and where the crit spots are this is my go to for melting them. Im talkin entire phases done in 3 shots if youve got your aim down.

Usually I wouldnt be a stickler for anointments, but splash is really what you want here. As said Urad builds can run into some trouble from healthgating so id suggest either ASE200 splash or IBE160.

The next part is timing, these bosses move all over so youll have to figure out the timing. Both of them are on the ground for their 1st quarter phase, this is easy. Their main crit spot is located in the center of their underside. It goes away after so much damage to it, doing a large chunk of damage to the owner. It seems to come back in each phase or after enough time, but Im not certain on that part.

Phase1: wait until they burrow, follow the skull on the mini map and as soon as they surface get up close and drop as many shots as you can. Aim directly in the center of the underside so all the back burner shots go straight up into the crit spot. If done properly with a well optimized build, you win.

Phase 2 - much harder now that theyre flying, this one isnt nearly as consistant (not yet anyway) but it can still be done with some skill and a bit of luck.

When you see them charging up that god awful tracking varkid attack, thats when you strike. This is the longest theyll be sitting still.

Obviously how successful you are depends on your placement in the map, this is not a forgiving strategy though. Stay moving and pick your shots, if you dont think you can swing it dont even try. There WILL be another chance in 10-20 seconds."

Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:


You realize how easy the game is when a guide on a raid boss says basically “Shoot at it at this angle with this big gun until it dies, regardless of build” :sweat_smile:


I love the way you put this because that is exactly the truth haha

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I still have scars from epic BL2 battles with Vermivorous, Master Gee or the Ancient Dragons of Destruction… In BL3 I killed every boss first try playing M10. I sincerely hoped for a a harsher fight with Hemovorous :roll_eyes: I could quote Amara about her hope for a challenge…

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Honestly I was kinda feeling the same dang way