How I found myself in Battleborn

So…I unlocked the ‘more robot rebellion’ lore section for Marquis…and there I am!

Such an honour. Thankyou, @Jythri, and everyone at Gbx. You’re the best.


Woooow thats really beyond badass! :astonished:
Already was super excited and astonished to find the “MentalMarmot” in Reynas(?) lore^^


Any other examples? Also can you post a screen shot I’d like to see some lore on characters I don’t have time to play

Congrats! Working to finish-up Oscar’s lore, hope I’m badass enough to finish that in the weekend :smiley:

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I figured a monocled gentlecat deserved a monocled gentlebot. :slight_smile:

Thanks for being so great to the community, @Psychichazard You’re one of my person heroes.


I myself can vouch for the awesomeness that is Psychichazard. Nice to see that he’s been rewarded for their awesomeness.

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THAT IS GREAT !!! Congratz
Screenshot or it didn’t happen :wink:
I’m gonna unlock this next


Any chance for a screenie? Haven’t worked to unlocking marquis lore yet, call me curious :wink:
If not it’s cool I was just wondering

Screenies when I get back on later.

Found it :astonished:


That’s super cool! Kudos to GBX for implementing neat little things like this to show appreciation for community badasses!
I’m new around here (just since battleborn) but I’m sure you worked hard to get your recognition @Psychichazard
Congrats! :+1:

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