How i keep having fun in the game i hate AKA my custom endgames

Even though i hate every bit of what this game has become with anoints and m10 and constant divide between core and pre buff vs post buff legendaries i am still actively paying and having fun.

After bunch of testing stuff we have come up with two different end games that get rid of anoints all together.

first one allows guardian rank and legendaries

rule set can be found here : 1 to 60 "Pure play through" no anointed gear + no meta

As to the second one which is in my opinion even more fun is no legendaries no guardian skills no anoints mayhem 3 endgame. This setting bans none of the skills since the mechanics that break the game are naturally removed. Moze with bear is a bit problematic but you will find your sweet spot. only exclusion is that guardian skill deadman’s hand is allowed)

leveling guide:

  1. you start with gr off an after beating the story ascend to m1 (modifier lootsplosion)
  2. after finding decent guns class mods and shields you go to m2 (lootsplosion healy avanger)
  3. after finding semi perfect coms and artifacts you go to m3 (loot splosion; healy avanger; whatever you prefer to suffer with i take pain tollerance)

this difficulty is selected in a way that you should still be able to beat true maliwan take down. I have personally never had more fun in this game than thislegenadryless anointedless playthrough. Anyone who is wiling to run this is also welcome to join us in a co op @hexxy sexy epic @hexxusz on shift

the difficulty setting is selected for co op

you can find some gameplay here and decide if it is for you or not but i can not recommend enough core game is beautiful but since game keeps giving you a legendary on every step you can never look down on the floor and pick your loot. well now you have to and it has been refreshing as ■■■■ to pick and choose from loot every day


For fans that are willing to stick with the game up to this point this is a good idea. Also def has potential to expand on maybe. I’ll give it a try my next run. Im finishing a zane right now and will do it when i start another fl4k.

These are my custom endgame rules I use that keep it fresh for me (almost identical to how I ran BL2). The goal is to incorporate as much of the available character and weapon variety into my combat as possible.

  • I have ten characters (two of every character with four FL4Ks), each of whom uses builds with emphases on different trees. There’s obviously some overlap, but none are built the same.

  • Each of these ten characters uses a different action skill and/or pet, though all available augments are otherwise available to be used freely.

    • One Gunner has Iron Bear, and the other has Iron Cub, but they may freely use whatever weapons are available per their respective builds.
    • The two Sirens may use whatever action skills and augments are available to them as their builds allow. There’s a little overlap between the two.
  • Each has a different weapon manufacturer allegiance (shields, grenades, COMs, anointments, and relics may be used freely by any of them).

  • Only one instance of any single red-texted weapon is allowed (no multiples of particularly good weapons).

  • One instance of every red-texted weapon is required. Vladof’s weapon pool includes the Big Succ as well as the Boogeyman.

  • Unless I’m in the mood for something specific, I have a spreadsheet randomly select a character to play and a map to visit (I hold down F9 to “roll the dice” and play whatever is up when I let go). Once I have a map/character selected, I figure out what I’m going to do, kind of in this order:

    • Story missions (all characters are parked at end game now, but a mission reset will put story missions first in this list).
    • Side missions
    • Map challenges
    • Galaxy challenges (combat, enemies, manufacturer (per allegiance), etc.).
    • My own random challenges (map purges, enemy bounties, etc.)
  • Once the map and mission are selected, I pick four weapons to bring to the field, based on the enemy types I expect to encounter, and what I haven’t used in recent memory that sounds fun at the moment. I mix this up whenever I play, so while the weapons are similar enough in manufacturer gimmick that I can focus on enhancing those with these builds, their red-text gimmicks make them fairly different. Amara with a Tankman’s Shield in the sniper rifle slot is a much different experience than THE TWO TIME in that slot (not just because their gimmicks and elements are different, but their damage outputs are vastly different).

  • I do try to pick sets with matching damage output levels, and then choose a difficulty level that will put the weapon damage at a level that I feel like using. This keeps all weapons available for play at performance levels I want. The current Mayhem selection mode isn’t as elegant for this as the OP system was in BL2, but it works.

    • Unless they divorce Mayhem modes from difficulty entirely (where I can pick and choose which Mayhem I want manually), these modes are not a part of this ‘forced variety’. I’m usually playing MM11, MM4 (Lootsplosion and Chain Gang), or I turn it off. Rarely I’ll dabble at MM8 to pick Lootsplosion and one of the Hard modifiers (to play with Death or something).

I have the following character sets: the focus listed is their primary playstyle as defined by their build, but this is just a default - I deviate from this 90% of the time.

  • CoV allegiance FL4K with Gravity Snare, Skag, and a focus on Dominance.
  • Atlas allegiance Zane with SNTNL/Clone, and a focus on Violent Momentum.
  • Hyperion allegiance Amara with Phaseslams/Eternal Fist, and a focus on melee.
  • Tediore allegiance FL4K with Rakk Attack, Spiderant, and a focus on pet use.
  • Vladof allegiance Moze with Iron Cub, and a focus on Bottomless Mags.
  • Jakobs allegiance FL4K with Fade Away, Jabber, and a focus on sniping.
  • Dahl allegiance Zane with Barrier/MNTIS, and a focus on cryo.
  • Torgue allegiance Moze with Iron Bear, and a focus on Demolition Woman.
  • 3R1D14N allegiance FL4K with Gamma Burst, ION Loader, and a focus on Trapper (they use alien-barrel weapons only, regardless of manufacturer).
  • Maliwan allegiance Amara with Phaseflare/Ties That Bind and a focus on elemental damage.

With this, there are 670 different combinations of character and map, different things to do with these combinations, and different ways to do them. This also helps with backpack space. All character weapons are stored in the bank except Atlas (who can carry all his red-text and other favorite weapon pieces and still have backpack space) , and 3R1D14N (who’s rotating through alien barrel things as he finds them). Because they only carry four weapons with them at any given time (that go straight into their weapon slots), their backpack is available to carry their favorite COMs/relics/grenades/shields, which leaves maybe a dozen open spaces for picking up loot. This also leaves maybe 40 spaces in the bank (more whenever I get around to allotting some fine shields and grenades to some lucky character).

Still on my to-do list:

  • Get specific vehicle builds set up for them (they all mix and match as they like, but I find myself constantly in the hoverwheel, and I forget how fun the others can be).
  • Maliwan Amara is going to alter her build a little to see if Shooting Star is worth removing points from elsewhere in her build (I loved Claptrap’s Laser Inferno, and it sounds like this’ll behave much the same).

Normally, if I decide I hate something, J just leave it alone. Kinda why I havent played BL3 since I played Arms Race a few times and my Zane feels completely different in a very bad way. These reasons were just the last straw for me after GB keeps changing it for worse. This is not the same game I thought I was buying over a year ago.

I’m not going to try to force myself to play something I hate for the sake of playing a game I hate. I just let it go and move on while just chalking BL3 up as a loss and a lesson to avoid GB’s future offerings.

With Cyberpunk 2077 coming out today and my getting back into Destiny 2, I may never play BL3 ever again and I would be just fine with that. Well, other than the money wasted on this ever downward devolving game … that I USED TO love.

I have a similar roster of VHs (shamelessly ‘borrowed’ from you :wink: ), and on top of that:

  • ‘Melee’ Amara that does major in melee combat and can
    only use guns with blades/(’+xx% melee’).
  • ‘Purple’ Amara - no legendaries, and must loot all gear: so no goodies from the bank, and not buying anything from Marcus.
  • ‘Gunslinger’ Zane - only pistols
  • ‘TopScore’ Zane - must only use items with highest Item Score in their category (Pistol, AR, Shield, Relic…).

In almost all of these cases it makes all inventory decisions SO much easier.

Edit: forgot about my “Quest rewards only” Fl4k, who was parked for the duration of Golden Path event. Probably time to wake him up (is it over yet?).

I wish we could change our mayhem level more freely. If I’ve got a bunch of mayhem 10 guns, going to mayhem 3 would be a cakewalk, and vice versa (except then it’s a slog). I feel like GBX themselves imagined players just setting the slider to whatever their mood is, but using/keeping track of off-level guns kills that.
It is possible to just use what you find, of course, but a dude’s gonna have favorites.

So, I almost posted a similar thread to what your OP was (but I confess, I only had time to skim it; going to bed soon).

I enjoyed the hell out of the game very recently by playing it with these rules:

Part 1: Normal game: play the whole thing with what you earn (maybe save character upon beating game for multiple plays of the second part of what I propose, which is where my play started to really deviate and find a “middle end-game”.)

Part 2: Crank the Mayhem up to 11, start TVHM and play through that way, only with what you can find or buy.

Rule 1: No using bank items you love to help you level. The whole point is to level based upon what you find. No gifts from buds…no gifts from yourself. Just a playthrough’s gear.

Rule 2: No grinding. You kill things for story reasons or because you’re mobbing on your way through the story.

Rule 3: You ARE allowed to buy things at vendor machines, because finding something cool from Marcus is fun…but no grinding them by logging in and out.

That’s it!

How do you manage ammo consumption for your pistol allegiance? My CoV allegiance hemorrhages ammo (he’s only got three ammo pools to draw from, and many of those pistols are bullet hoses)… I actually swapped him to a Gravity Snare action skill (and gave the new FL4K Gamma Burst) because Forage can actually sustain this.

Have you noticed anything interesting about the weapon scores with your ‘TopScore’ Operative? Like if I were to do something like that in BL2 but with weapon prices I’d wind up with a bunch of grenadier assault rifles. Also, what cream has floated to that top so far? I haven’t paid any attention to the scores, like at all, so I’m curious if there’s some… direction they seem to point.

During normal playthrough it’s not an issue (yet) - and it’s a bit easier to invest in SDUs, since there is only one gun type here. Plus, I am somewhat obsessive with opening crates/piles/lockers, so it helps during map clearing. Let’s see how it works later in the game - one also does have Action skill, grenades, melee, and slam GR perk to fall back on in a pinch. Lootsplosion modifier might be helpful here too, but I did not get to Mayhem with him yet (please let us enable it on Normal after we beat the game once!).

Yup - Vladof tends to float to the top with guns. I guess they have plenty of gun parts or something. Not a good sign for usefulness of an Item Score - lots of meta guns drop off very quickly. Also one of the reasons I probably won’t be taking this Zane deeper into the game (I did beat NVHM with him).

This is the reason why I wish they didn’t add mayhem scaling to gear. It was sorta-fine in MM1.0 where a max level gun was just a max level gun, you used it in any mayhem level. Old M4 could be a bit of a slog but it seemed like a lot of players were OK with that, especially once you had your anointments proccing. (Kinda like how it is now with M10/11 honestly.)

I guess one way to fix this would be to just make guns how they made damage-dealing shields: damage just automatically scales to whatever mayhem level you have set. As it is right now, you can slap on, say, a nova shield and its damage automatically scales into whatever mayhem level you choose.

I don’t understand why you go so far out of your way to play a game you “hate”.

because it has potential to be the best game ever bar 10 odd stupidass decisions by gearbox

Wait, what?? When did that happen?

Do relics also get Mayhem scaling now??

Relics do not scale

That’s literally every game dev ever though.

Not sure when you expect them to “get smart” but you’re gonna wait a LONG time is all I can say. If you don’t enjoy the game just move on.

do not tell me what to do lmao i might not like what gearbox is doing but with the game background math knowledge and understanding of characters skills and augment i can still custom craft a set of rules that makes the game very enjoyable experience! that was the whole point otherwise i would not be playing i have not touched my endgame builds since i dno and i am not going to because it is unfan.