How I Made Zane's New Crap-Tier Class Mod God-Tier

Today I want to show you guys the Full power of the new Class mod Zane got in DLC 4. When I saw how under-performing it was I decided to take a deeper look and see if there is any redeeming qualities about it and I believe I figured it out. What I found out is that Zane’s Hustler class mod has the ability to get more points into Brain Freeze. Normally Brain Freeze can only have 5 points which only gives us a 20% slow debuff for each crit we land but with the Hustler Class Mod we can get a max number of 10 Brain Freeze Points which allows us to boost our debuff to a on crit slow of 40 %. Whats great about this is that Brain Freeze Slows the enemy until they reach a slow debuff of 100 % and once we get there the enemy is completely frozen solid. The Hustler Class Mod also has a neat ability to “Crit” while hitting body shots so it allows us to freeze targets very consistently without being good at aiming. Now the Reason why I put Crit in Quotation marks is because the Item card text is misleading, the Critical hit stated on this Class Mod doesn’t actually count as a Critical Hit but they are still able to activate Brain Freeze.

Click here for Build Showcase:

The skill tree I am using isn’t perfect but here is a link to my build:

Okay so that’s the utility of the build now lets move onto DAMAGE:

We now know that the Hustler is fantastic at freezing targets but what is great at dealing damage to frozen target? Melee Damage! So because of the 3x bonus on hit to frozen targets w/ melee damage the best weapon we can use is the Face-Puncher. Personally I use a Face-Puncher with the anointment Action Skill Active increase weapon damage by 200%. The Face-Puncher Pairs very well with the White Elephant Artifact which allows us to place bombs on targets we melee. These Bombs scale very well off of the melee damage we deal so you will often see the damage numbers go in the millions. We also use a low-level Ward shield to increase our Melee damage by another 3 times whenever the shield is depleted. Since we are freezing everything and say we have our shield depleted that is already a 6 times multipliers for our damage. We carry a lv 57 fish slap grenade with on grenade throw increase damage by 25%. You will see those grenades bouncing around the battle field very often since our drone and clone are throwing them. Besides the Face-Puncher I use a Kinetic Monarch to be our main weapon of choice for freezing targets but I will get into that weapon more in depth down below.

Now lets put it all together:

The Main Strategy for this is to first spawn the clone w/ the Monarch in hand, when we do this the clone immediately starts spraying the battlefield with bullets and you will see that whatever he fires at gets frozen instantly. Since we know the clone will be doing all the hard work of freezing people what we do next is switch over to our face puncher and try to stay in sync with the clone. we want to always be firing at what the clone is freezing because of the 3x damage on frozen enemies. Its not necessary but I recommend to summon the drone after switching to face puncher seeing as the drone increases the action skill duration of the clone and helps deal damage around the battlefield as well. You want your clone to be in a position where he can always be firing his bullets at someone so remember to never leave him behind and always switch with him to allow him to get into the fray. The clone doesn’t target enemies that are too far away so always be aware of his position. You will often see your damage suddenly sky rocket due to the guardian perk ground breaker which converts all the non-melee damage you dealt in the last 5 seconds to melee damage and the White Elephant stickies will also use the extra melee damage you dealt just now to deal huge damage numbers. (Confession time: The Video Up above I accidently had the guardian Perk Ground Breaker Disabled so Its a scaled down representation on the damage you would normally deal.)

The White elephant we use on this build is the knife drain variant which allows us to heal our entire health pool which one shot of the face puncher. You can use any white elephant you want but I recommend this one for survivability.

Breakdown of Gear:


  • While an Action Skill is Active, Weapon Damage is increased by 200%.

The Monarch (Element doesn’t matter):

  • Consecutive Hits increase weapon damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses

Fish Slap Grenade:

  • On Grenade Thrown - Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds.

White Elephant:

  • Knife Drain

Hustler Class Mod:

  • 5 Brain Freeze Points

The Ward (Low Level Perfered)

  • While Digi-Clone is active Regenerate 3% max health per second.

BTW you don’t have to use the monarch gun just use any gun that shoots a lot and fast. You are looking to just get hits to connect to activate the freeze.

I will link a save file up above for those of you who want to try it. Alrighty buddies that’s all I have for today. Have a great day everyone Bye bye.

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I agree that the hustler is about brain freeze and not crits. Abusing Face Puncher with with that is a good idea.

Why not spec Calm, Cool, Collected? That would make up some of the gap with Seeing Dead by giving you a way to sustain action skills. The biggest loss here is Violent Violence.

If you do want to forgo action skill sustain, you should use ASE mag anointments for bonus damage multiplicative with Violent Momentum. That would give a better boost than ASA.


If using the Barrier, you could sub the Brawler Ward shield with a Roid Rough Rider or even better the Featherweight Rough Rider for a constant 10% movement speed and have a constant 80% buff on your melee attacks. That buff will also scale your White Elephant explosions to a greater degree.

If using the Roid Rough Rider, I’d recommend an artifact that boosts health or provides health regen though.

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All great ideas only reason I don’t use the cool calm and collected is because I want my shields to be gone as long as possible since I’m running the ward. Also the ase magazines idea is really good it’s just I want to have clone out as long as possible to my freezing buddy :slight_smile:

But I might try that ase anointment idea since that does sound really tasty

Not a bad idea but I might just stick with the ward since it’s a higher melee bonus and I run a really low level one so it’s gets depleted in one shot :slight_smile:

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Gotcha! Great build and I love your creativity. The Roid Rough Rider was only another option to ponder but the Ward is always a winner in a melee focused build.

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If you get a Knife Drain White Elephant, you would heal on every shot landed (with the Face Puncher)and would almost be invinsible.

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Yeah I hear ya on that one. Currently I am actually using a knife drain white elephant and it’s freaking amazing

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I’m glad I read this thread. Hadn’t thought of the Brain Freeze aspect! And fish slap grenade is a great idea too.

I’ve always loved playing Zane as Cryo so I’m definitely going to be trying this combo!

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Yo Tell me how it goes! I hope you enjoy my take on cyro Zane haha and I hope you enjoy using the hustler

The reliance on melee damage/facepuncher makes this a great candidate for a terror build. Get the terror melee anoint and two of your choice of ammo regen/damage + fire rate/cryo damage. Terror anoints also reduce the impact of losing action skill sustain.


Hey thanks for idea I’m going to try to experiment now with those terror anointments. Thanks buddy you’re the best