How I play PC offline

I posted this in another topic but figured it might help some people.

I have found A way to play offline on PC that is pretty easy. Figured this out when my internet went down.

  1. Go into Epic Game Store settings. Little cog wheel on bottom left hand corner.
  2. Uncheck box that says enable cloud saves
  3. Scroll down to manage games and click on Borderlands 3 to bring up the drop down menu
  4. Make sure allow auto updates and allow installs during gameplay boxes are unchecked
    You should now be able to play off line.
    The only problem I have is that my items from the super duper deluxe edition does not show up offline. Nore do the items from the first DLC. This was bad because my build depends on items I got from the DLC.
    Hope this helps

Update I just tested this with the DLC and it works for that too. I can now play offline with all my items that I received in the DLC and I can play the DLC itself.
To do this follow the steps above but instead of going to manage games borderlands 3, go to manage games borderlands 3 moxxis heist of the handsome jackpot.