How i would enjoy Borderlands 3 moreI

1. How i would like it to be

  1. One more difficulty so the game can be more challenging even before you can play on TVH.
    It would be nice if i wouldn’t have to play through the campaign before i can get a challenging difficulty.

  2. The option to get 30% less XP. That might sound weird but let me explain.
    The three things that make BL so great for me are: The action skills, The huge variety of enemys and the enormous amount of different guns.
    I finished the Campaign with level 47 and it seems like im barely getting new weapons that are worth using. During the Handsome Jackpot DLC i hit Level 50 and the item score of my weapons stagnates arround 580.
    In BL 2 even after three playthrougs i still got new bether weapons.
    Having to try out all the different guns from all those manufacturer with some legendarys having some really interresting twists is just awesome.
    By hitting the cap just after one Playthroug the fun is already pretty much over.

  3. Raise level cap to 60.
    No im not suggesting them to do that because i know people would create some broken builds with those extra 10 skill points.
    It’s just a bit dissapointing to be max level after one play throug.
    I personally don’t care if there are broken builds in this game because i don’t have to use them. So i would like 10 extra level.

I enjoy BL most when i just play the camplaign over and over.
Getting new bether gear from time to time, never having to use the same loadout for to long. Enemys should be challenging without everyone being extreme bullet sponges needing certain loudouts and builds to be defeated.
I can absolutely not enjoy farming for a certain weapon, shield or mod.
Its so nice to get a new weapon that feels different than your last one.
For the first 10 - 30 mins its really strong until it becomes average and after some time you replace it and the game feels new and fresh again.
Thats just a nice gameplay cycle.
Game is difficult and gets slowly harder because you and your enemys level up. The you get a power spike because of a new weapon and after some time the game gets more difficult again.

2. How i think others enjoy the game
When i take a look at the forums i get the feeling im kinda alone with my opinion.
A lot of people seem like they want to hit max level so they can get the perfect loudout.
Is that true?

I would like to get a lot of opinions here so i hope the title is interresting enough.

  • What do you think about being able to start with a higher difficulty?
  • What do you think about having the option to get less xp?
  • Do you like that its possible to hit the max level so fast?
  • Do you dislike having to replace gear because other gear gets outdated as long as you are not max level.

Nice to get so many replies :slight_smile:

Edit 2:
So far thanks for you replies guys.
I thinks i understand bether now why and how most pleople enjoy Borderlands.
Sucks for me that i have to be a special snowflake that seemingly enjoys the game in a way most other people don’t :smiley:
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For me, BL2 was always fun to build new characters and play through all of the campaigns and levels. BL3 campaigning just doesn’t capture me in that same way. After building the 4 characters to 50, I find I am motivated in BL3 more by getting weapons that work for my style than true replay value. I try to work on my own builds, outfitting and anointments, and not just do what others say. Will it get boring? Probably. But BL2 is my favorite and I can always go back to it.

Being max level doesn’t stop you from getting and trying different guns.

I am not a big fan of level increase, it is fairly artificial attempt to increase the lifespan of the game because making lv 60 enemies and gear is not going to change the experience they will behave the same that your lv 50enemies and gear , just with buffed up numbers. I d prefer extra characters with diferent playstyle to have a new approach of the campaign.


I’d enjoy it more if they’d just fix some of the most frequent issues.
-UI is slow but on MP games its horrific

  • Matchmaking - put a similar system to BL2 rather than just blind matching you.

There are a few others but fix those and I’m happier

If you are paying attention to the item score (or color) as your guide whether a gun is ‘worth using’, you are probably missing out on a lot of fun and useful guns.

I think I have an opposite problem - I have hard time choosing which guns to play with, there are too many (at M2 right now).

Going back to BL 2 does not work for me. There are just to many things that BL 3 does bether in my opinion. Weapon handling, VH skills, vehicle handling, boss mechanics and so on.
I prefer BL 2 story thou.

Well that’s the part I am really talking about here. I found BL2 extremely replayable and never tired of the story. Also I found it to be just more entertaining as far as dialogue and creative ideas goes as well.

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During the entire Handsome Jackpot DLC i only picked up one assault rifle. All the other weapons seemed to have worse stats than my current weapons. I mainly lock at damage + firerate+ magazine size. Also by picking up higher level gear you always get a short power spike until the gear gets old again. This circle of getting a power spike then the game gets harder and harder until you get the next power spike is one of the things i enjoyed so much in BL 2.
Additionaly there are a lots of weapons that are only worth using because the moment you pick them up they have a higher level than your current stuff. At max level this doesn’t happen anymore so i have the feeling a lot of stuff gets obsolete.

Don’t know anymore, will play it when next DLCs come out, will I play it after.
Don’t think so.
Borderlands 1 best borderlands game for me.
Because you can use snipers, ARs, SMG and any weapon you like like no other BL game.
There is so may awesome guns and so many variants of same gun (difrent parts) that you can play this game forever if you wanna better gun ( reason why I start play Borderlands).
Borderlands 2 didn’t have that always searching for better weapon because it has way simple weapon system and BL3 flop that big time with anointed system.
And only BL1 have hybrid weapons of all series.
So if they bring more complex weapon system, that 1 weapon can have different barrels, mags, bodys I will play it forever.
My 2 cents

Im mainly looking at Damage+fire rate+magazine size. Sometimes also reaload speed is a big factor.
But in my experience so far, if the item scores are 20 points apart from each other, the item with the higher score will have the higher DPS by a fair bit. So i kinda expect that if you get a 621 item score sniper for example than it is very likely one of the best snipers.

The obviously better way of increasing level difficulty would be to significantly improve the AI and have it fight more intelligently at higher levels rather than simply making the enemies bullet sponges which is all they do now.

But that requires really good AI programmers.

THIS. Bandits are dying from you sneezing around them during first playthrough.

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I’m not a fan of level increase if I have to refarm my gear but if I can level up my gear and increase their individual stats and make them more customizable then that would be great.

So imagine if there’s this gun you like with awful dmg and there’s a leveling option for the gun to improve it’s dmg, then even if we have the same gun it doesn’t mean they perform the same.

If someone sends or sells the gun, those upgrades don’t carry over so players are forced to use that gun to upgrade it.

I d certainly love to see a system of upgrade and craft for gear and weapon in Borderlands, maybe in the 4 we will have that

  1. I think they should’ve added the Mayhem slider to new characters, so you can adjust the difficulty starting from level 1.
  2. Odd request, but I see where you’re coming from. The design of the game has moved from replaying the campaign 3 times before experiencing endgame to playing it once and moving on. So players like you are left behind. I disagree about not being able to progress gear-wise. The next step is to get anointed versions of your gear. I don’t know if that is of interest to you, but that’s how they designed the game.
  3. I don’t want any level cap raises. I’ve never really liked having additional skill points. Well, I thought it was cool the first few times, but then I realized that you end up filling most of the skill tree. They’re going to add more skill trees, so that might fix that. But I’m happy with what characters can do with 48 skill points. The other reason is that I don’t feel like refarming my gear. I have a lot of decent to perfectly rolled gear. Acquiring them was tedious and ultimately, not fun. So I really don’t feel like doing it again unless the process is more lenient via the ability to reroll stats or better drop rates.

I would enjoy the game ALOT MORE if they would fix the over heating issue on the Xbox one X.

Yeah being able to adjust the difficulty right from the start would be great.
I dislike the Mayhem mode thou. I don’t like that randomly some weapon types get buffs and other get debuffs. It decreases the variety that the game offers normally.

But if it wasn’t fun why did you do it? :smiley:
I mean i don’t do it because its not fun.

I guess I will answer your questions point by point. :smiley:

1: Normal playthrough in this game did seem considerably easier than in B2. But I think that has to do with over leveling enemies so quickly and enemies only scale to you in TVHM or mayhem. I think enemies should always scale to you no matter the mode.

Although, I did just read a Kotaku article written by a guy who could not beat Katagawa Ball solo, so maybe my solution would not be so great…

2: Because of guardian ranks I dislike this idea. Also, All I think that would do is force some arena grinding at the end of the campaign which might not help much.

3: My impression is that you are supposed to hit max level quickly so you can try and perfect your build to take on mayhem. I have no problem with this, and it will be harder to hit max level later on anyway because of an anticipated level cap increase. I never could reach max level in even in UVHM at the end of all DLC.

4: I normally would not have a problem with this, but because Gearbox is currently not handling loot drops correctly, I imagine this will be very painful for a lot of people. I cannot even finish my level 50 build because class mods and artifacts exist to torture me with their RNG layers.

Additional note: I personally dislike the idea replaying the B3 campaign over and over as I just want to perfect my build. I would enjoy the game more if I could actually get the loot I desire. I did replay B2 campaign a couple times with different characters, but B2 story was much better for me.

I read that article and lol’d, it felt like someone who’d never played BL before.

As for the campaign - i think someone else put it, but I dont recall in any of my playthroughs coming across enemies with skulls against them (Danger Will Robinson).

BL2 was often a frequent thing, but BL3 - not seen any. And I’ve not power levelled either.