How i would enjoy Borderlands 3 moreI

Suggestion. Just as in all borderlands games, only do side missions or xp grinding when you’re not at the same level as the main campaign mission. In Bl3 I can actually be underlevel by 4 to 6 and still beat stuff solo. (I am running a new character through the game right now and only doing main campaign missions. Sort of an experiment).

I would love to be able to start a fresh character at max level and start TVHM.

  • I don’t mind the difficulty. I think a lot of this depends on a person’s skill level. They have “normal” and “easy” to start. A lot of games have more levels.
  • That’s an interesting idea. I accidentally found the final boss kind of easy. I levelled up easily because of the Captain Haunt etc. By the team I went back to the game, I was above the level of enemies. I wouldn’t mind being able to scale back. I don’t if that’s practical though.
  • See above
  • Nope just part of the game. I usually keep a couple of lower level interesting weapons in the bank for my up and coming VHs.

The only thing that drives me crazy about the game is too many “how to I get up there?” challenges. Sure the odd one is fun, but I find way toooo many. That might be a me issue.

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I agree with this part.

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Something that I wish I could do was get the weapons exclusive to Mayhem 4 without playing it. M4 is just not fun with how you have to make such niche builds that are viable. There are really cool guns that I’d like to use but I’m stuck in the limbo between M3 and M4 because I’m not getting the right annointments and such to farm bosses on M4. Moze main here (which is probably the root problem)

They’re reworking Mayhem mode, so it might benefit you. I actually think that Mayhem mode does encourage variety. The problem is that it’s inconvenient because players either don’t feel like adapting at that moment or they’re not prepared for it.

Simple. I like getting rare loot. But the process at which I went about it was dull. About 70-80% of my loot came from grinding GW and Agonizer. But you could reply, “What’s wrong with grinding the same boss(es) over and over? Isn’t that the whole point of the game?” When the devs create a plethora of options (proving grounds, circle of slaughter, dedicated loot sources, and etc…), but the player would rather farm from a select few, there’s something wrong with the system. Maybe I am just an entitled gamer who wants everything immediately and it’s my own fault for burning myself out so quickly.

Don’t get me wrong. I sometimes do enjoy the journey of my character progressing quickly while leveling, but BL2 and BL3 are not some of those games, because I’m very detached from the experience. I mute everything, but the music, and alt-tab whenever there’s a cutscene or I’m forced to wait. More so for BL3.


Is that really how this game is meant to be played? Because then im doing it wrong :smiley:

I don’t really care how rare the loot is that i get. I just want my new weapon to be different than my last one. We have nine different manufacturer, different alternate firemodes, different weapon types and unique legendary guns.
I think thats enough to keep me entertained.
For me it would take all the fun away if i get certain weapons one day that i don’t have to replace.


you can be @ max level and redo tvhm. just reset progress.

I agree and disagree.

On the negative it’ll open up some unbelievably broken builds.

on the positive, it’ll open up some unbelievably broken builds


It’s one of the few ways to play the game. Imo, one of the more efficient ways of getting loot that you want.

There’s really no wrong way to play game/series. After all, they are sandbox-like. The games accommodate players who like to replay the story and players who like to push their build to the maximum. In my case, I like to theorycraft builds and collect gear to bring those builds into fruition.

Idk, I see a perfectly rolled item as a sense of accomplishment. It’s rarity is something to be acknowledged.

I do appreciate your point of view/playstyle. It’s refreshing.


Current thoughts on what would help me enjoy BL3 more?

More characters. The more player options available to me the more I tend to enjoy games. Make Gaige the first VH playable in more than 1 title with an overhauled and upgraded deathtrap and retooled skill trees and I’d be all over it.

Return of ultimate forms of enemies that level up or evolve such as the GODliath, and Vermivorious

A Hyperion Circle of Slaughter on the Handsome Jackpot. Considering what you find during the story this should be easily doable.

All my vehicle customizations being account unlocks so I don’t have to rehunt everything on each character that isn’t tied to one of ellie’s crew challenges.

An endless horde sort of hollowdome area that spawns waves of minions followed by random bosses from the game

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definitely on vehicle unlocks.

I have an (awesome) goat scream horn on a corrosive outrunner…for my Amara. Can’t remember where i stole it from.

Oddly weapon skins transfer

I agree with you on a lot of the points about BL1 and it remains my favourite game in the series by far, but ultimately it didn’t have very strong end game content. Outside the Knoxx DLCX there wasn’t a tremendous amount to do.

Playing the story over and over was a blast, though. Just wish you had the option to reset all quests so you could experience at least one playthrough at max level

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Well I can tell you my end game on BL1.
Farming hybrid weapons like Penetrator or Ogre.
Always getting better weapons from Craw or Armory.
Still looking for Perls don’t have all of them, especially rarest item in all BL games Nemesis Invader.
So for me You don’t have to reset playthrough to have end game, for me there is lots to do in BL1

So far thanks for you replies guys.
I thinks i understand bether now why and how most pleople enjoy Borderlands.
Sucks for me that i have to be a special snowflake that seemingly enjoys the game in a way most other people don’t :smiley:
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While on the subject.

I’m one of those scrubs that doesn’t care too much about farming. More correctly, I don’t care about builds, ergo, I don’t care about farming. I couldn’t tell you what legendary does what. When I come across something that’s orange, I’ll read the description, maybe play with it. Try it one of the proving grounds, if it does well, keep it, if not sell it to Marcus. The build I use, is the build I have at the moment. I can do most areas on MH2. I’ve tried MH3, I can do it, just find it too monotonous. I can’t do the MTK on any level. That’s skill preventing me. I could spend an enormous amount of time building a YouTube build, but where’s the adventure. To me that sounds as much fun as putting together IKEA furniture. Basically follow some directions, put in some effort, and you’ll get what you want.

To me the thing that’s missing in BL3 is a sense of adventure. Anyone play TPS? There’s a weapon called the Excalibastard. Best weapon IMO in the history of BL lore. But you didn’t have to grind and grind. You just had to explore the worlds. It was just slightly hidden out of you. The one stipulation was you had to have enough Badass points, or Guardian Rank, in BL3 parlance.

To me one of the most exciting things in BL3 were the adventures. Zero’s ‘enemies of opportunities’ and Hammerlock’s ‘big game hunts’. Looking at a map and seeing an unexplored area, that’s where the fun is. Remember looking for Vault symbols? The Typhon logs and Typhon Drops were fun. The Crimson Radio challenges bordered on monotonous due to the “how do I get up there” nature. Especially when falling, you could fall into the void. I’m looking at you Anvil.

Having said all that, it’s difficult to change that. Once you’ve played through, you know where everything is. But they could hide an Excalibastard, or other legendaries. Make them truly unique, not just another orange. I know a lot of people on here are complaining about loot drops. Me not so much. Going through the Casino on MH2, in an hour had for oranges drop??? Again, I get it if you’re a builder, for me, it’s kind of cool, but at the end of the day. Give me more adventures and less grind.

I’m too lazy to edit, so if there’s a mistake…


Restating. I would love to be able to start a brand new save file, at max level, in TVHM.

I’m well aware I can reset TVHM. But sometimes it’s a nice endgame reward in these types of games to roll a new save differently.

ah, gotcha