How I would revise Gaige the Mechromancer's Skill trees

Best Friends Forever

  • Potent as a Pony - Bonuses are +5%/+3% per level instead of +4%/+2%.
  • Made of Sterner Stuff - Damage reduction is +2.5% per level instead of +1%

Little Big trouble

  • Myelin - Your shield capacity is +6% per level instead of +3%
  • Strength of Five Gorillas - Melee bonus for you and Deathtrap is +4% per level instead of +3%
  • Shock Storm - Damage should be scaled.
  • Electrical Burn - Has a 8% chance per level of activating instead of 4%.
  • Evil Enchantress - Damage buff is +8% per level instead of +6%
  • One two boom - Orb explodes without having to shoot it.

Ordered Chaos

  • Stronger, Lighter, Faster - Reload speed is +8% per level instead of +6%
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[quote=“King_Tadpole, post:1, topic:1551067”]Shock Storm - Damage should be scaled.[/quote]I think the damage is there… I would expand the range first. It doesn’t do much because there’s never anyone close enough to actually get hit by it.

[quote=“King_Tadpole, post:1, topic:1551067”]One two boom - Orb explodes without having to shoot it.[/quote]I love the mechanic of having to shoot it. I might buff the damage though? It hits pretty hard, but the windup is so elaborate that I’d like a harder hit for that effort (not much though - I’m hitting for a little over six million at OP3 against slagged enemies, and it does drop the chumps). It takes Deathtrap out of combat for a moment, there’s a chance he’ll derp it into the floor or wall (although in my experience, he’s actually pretty good at throwing it well), and you have to take yourself out of combat slightly to time a shot at it when it’s near enemies.

I would also consider changing The Stare to shoot a beam of whatever element you have charged Deathtrap with given Make It Sparkle (as a bonus to that skill). His current laser if he’s on fire, a corrosive stream if he’s corrosive, a slag laser if he’s slagged, and a buffed version of his shock stream if he’s electrocuted. This way the skill isn’t wasted on all the non-flesh enemies in the game, and there’s a little challenge on behalf of the player to keep Deathtrap charged properly.

I don’t think I’d buff the damage much though. For a guaranteed hit (through walls, floors, whatever) that only costs a single point so high in the tree, it shouldn’t be decimating badasses with every application. In UVHM, it should dust slagged chumps (which it currently does, but only if the chump is flesh based).

I was thinking about this earlier today, tailor made topic.

DT : Pressing the action skill button with an enemy in your crosshair causes DT to target that enemy


Potent as a Pony : add a move speed buff. +2% for DT and +4% for you

Made of Sterner Stuff : Increase DR to +2% for DT and +5% for you


More Pep : +9% electrocute, +5% others (brings it in line with Flicker)

Shock Storm : Triggers on DT kill, or your crit or DOT kill. Implodes first with a small flash and modest damage, with a grenade singularity effect, a few beats later the normal shock storm explosion

The Stare : Switch to non-elemental damage. Increase damage. High chance of a mid range fire DOT buffed by MP, EE, and Gaige’s COM DOT buffs

Evil Enchantress : +10% dot damage

Make it Sparkle : DT must be in your crosshair for your shot to switch his element (prevents stray pellets from constantly changing his element)


Annoyed Android : add +3% DT melee damage

Discord : increase health regen to +5%

Death from Above : Increase damage. If you have stacks, but not enough for a DfA shot, that shot consumes all remaining stacks and the damage is down scaled by a percent based on the number of stacks you are short

With Claws : +1% melee damage per stack. only consumes a stack if a hit lands (land both claws, loose two stacks)

I know none of this will ever happen, just wishful idle thoughts during lunch.

I second both of these. Even if More Pep was only bumped up to +8% for electrocute and +4% for others, it’d be nice.
Shock Storm getting triggered by DoT kill would also be sweet. I can already imagine the SS/EB chains.

I was going to make this topic, but now Im going to bring some ideas. Just wait!

Of all her skills, here is the list of what I would change:

Best Friends Forever

This skill tree is meant to make DT stronger, but some of them are pretty lackluster. Im trying to list just what really needs a boost, as the majority of skills in this tree os pretty solid.

Potent as a Pony: I would just swap the max health bonus. When you invest heavily in DT, you want him to be more healthy, while you stay in the back doing the support he needs.
The % is alright, as you can further boost It with the Roboteer COM.

Made of Sterner Stuff: well, the damage resistance is pretty low. Boosting it to the 2~3% range is enough, as it is boosted by both the Roboteer and the Necromancer COM.

Little Big Trouble

This is Gaige elemental skill tree. The Last Patch did an amazing job in scaling the skills, but there are still some little issues that could be fixed.

The Stare: really, what this skill is meant to do? There is no sweeping across the battlefield. The skill also is pretty bad damage wise.

Shock Storm: the damage is now really satisfatory, but the range is really small. Making it reach the nearby targets would be amazing.

Ordered Chaos

This skill tree is built around Anarchy. The skills are straight foward and do what they are meant to do. Of all of them, there is only onde that I would change.

Death From Above: this skill has so much potential, but the delay between the digi-splosions kinda kills
it. Also, the high Anarchy cost at the higher ranks is something annoying while you build Anarchy in the early game.
There are two things I would change: removing the delay between digi-splosions so you can fire it as long as you are in the air. This or keep the delay but leave the cost at 1 Anarchy at all ranks.

Also, I forgot about With Claws.
Making it the same 1.75% as it is for gun damage should be enough to make melee Gaige pretty viable in UVHM.

[quote=“l_gabrielcruz, post:6, topic:1551067”]The Stare: really, what this skill is meant to do? There is no sweeping across the battlefield. The skill also is pretty bad damage wise.[/quote]While the description is off, it is incapable of missing the intended target when fired (shoots through walls and the like), so it’s derp-proof. If the target is slagged, unarmored, and unshielded, it will take a beating; chumps at OP3 die in a single application, for example, but if there’s a shield or armor, it’s a waste.