How I would revise Maya's Skill trees


  • Restoration - Your bullets heal team mates by 10% (per level) instead of 6%.
  • Elated - In addition, movement speed also increases by 5% (per level) while Phaselocking.
  • Res - During solo play, you can use Phaselock to revive yourself during FFYL.
  • Recompense - Damage inflicted by this effect is multiplied by 3.
  • Sustenance - When fully upgraded, you immediately regenerate 25% of your health after FFYL


  • Helios - Damage is multiplied based on your level.
  • Bligh Phoenix - Damage is multiplied based on your level.

Multiplier = 1.05 (LV - 30)

Your suggestions might be better suited for the What I want in BL3 thread- also, Cloud Kill is considered pretty awesome right now (even at OP8) since it s effectiveness was increased with the Oct 2015 patch- not much reason to change it now…

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The added team healing you suggest seems a bit over the top to me. There’s already a whole lot of it! The movement bonus and reload speed also already covered (Fleet, Inertia, Foresight and Legendary Siren COM).

Don’t know what you mean here. Res is a skill to revive team players. Damage…???

Now, this one definetly needs some love, but I’d prefer that the reflected damage was higher instead of chance of it actually happening.

Better to have higher health when you come out of FFYL instead.

These two are beyond salvation, I’m afraid! :smile:


It’s already so good that on endgame 1 point will heal your team mates to full because of scaling.

That would be too strong, the skill is already amazing.

Like @Ronnie_Rayburn said, what damage? This should have a solo perk like Clear! in TPS or maybe it allows you to use phaselock in ffyl or not loose it.

Again Ronnie nailed it, the issue with this isn’t the chance because with a com you can get it to 100%, but its the damage of it.

Just making it flat instead of based on your level would be nice I think, but its already pretty solid.

They already are… They just needed a bigger UVHM damage boost like some of Kriegs skills have.

Mine would be

Backdraft and Mind’s Eye loose the melee effect. Mind’s Eye gives a bigger damage boost on crit, and Backdraft could make the nova 2 novas in fire and corrosive like BP is both.

Sub Sequence will go away for reduced cooldown if no enemies are left and it goes through terrain.

Res like I said above, you can phaselock in ffyl and if you go into ffyl you don’t loose an active phaselock

KR could use a damage boost, maybe a UVHM only one.


I fixed the numerous mistakes in my OP. thanks for the suggestions.

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I’ll add my two cents since we are discussing changes to Maya’s skills. I might get carried away with this and will be all over the place.

Mind’s Eye: Replace the Melee Damage boost with 6% accuracy. Other than for goofing around melee damage on a non-melee oriented character is rather pointless. At the least accuracy bonus would fit in with the sharpshooting aspect of the skill.

Fleet: I honestly believe this skill should have something else but not sure what. I wouldn’t mind having it have damage reduction but that does not really fit with the name nor the whole feel of the tree but that is really one of the few if only thing she does not have boosted (melee damage is an all or nothing sort of deal).

But if I could I would make it boost damage resistance by 10% per rank and that would make it to where Maya could use a Rough Rider effectively.

Sub-Sequence: Increase orb speed and have it travel through ALL objects to the nearest target.

Sweet Release: Increase speed at which healing orbs travel by 20-30% as those orbs move really slow and if you are fighting from mid to long range you’ll have a beard by the time they reach you, and that is for the ladies that play. If 20-30% is not enough jack it up to 50% or higher.

Restoration: Increase the health bonus to 4-5% per rank just for giggles.

Recompense: Allow the standard damage reflection to work with shields and double the damage when Maya takes health damage. Possibly triple or quadruple.

Helios: Scales using Cloud Kill’s numbers or higher to at least do as much damage as a green or blue incendiary rocket launcher, if not purple.

Flicker: Make it multiplicative if it is already isn’t and if it is increase it to 9% per rank. I have never found Flicker to be that good of a skill when I did go for elemental damage.

Backdraft: Remove the melee bonus and replace it with a spike shield effect that deals incendiary damage and have it scale to where it hurts quite a bit. Other than for funsies Maya is not a serious melee character but with both Backdraft and my modified Recompense she would become a human porcupine of sorts.

Ruin: Increase DoT damage by 100% which may or may not be overkill. Just to give the skill more teeth and have its use go a bit beyond simply just slagging.

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I understand where you’re coming from with taking out her melee skills, but I would prefer they were buffed (or a third added) rather than removed. I appreciate it’s not the standard Maya play but building in melee with a roid shield produces results, as well as just silliness. This might not actually need skill alteration; I think the Banshee mod could be altered to increase max health and melee, and give a greater shield delay as a penalty that would increase its functioning with roid shields (which also compliment phaselock), Fleet and Backdraft.

If melee was to be taken out of Mind’s Eye I would prefer it to be replaced with weapon swap speed.

I agree with you about Restoration - the health bonus could be a lot more generous. And while it’s powerful as a team healer during OP levels it’s not so strong through most of the game.


I would keep the accuracy for Mind’s Eye but if I were to give Maya melee damage I would do so through Backdraft by significantly boosting the melee fire bonus to the point that it would hurt even enemies that are resistant to fire damage. Due to Maya lacking any way of stacking skills to turn her into an effective melee character making one skill ridiculous in terms of melee damage is alright in my books.

Reason I prefer accuracy is that it fits with the feel of the skill and Zer0 is the only other Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2 that has any way of increasing weaponry accuracy passively. Also it would make it easier to pop enemies with the Unforgiven from further away :smiley:

Aha, the Jakobs representative makes a good point! I definitely like the idea of increasing Backdraft. I’m greedy when it comes to weapon swapping as I love using multiple guns in the same attack (and at least one of the girls should have that skill dammit!) but increased accuracy could also be a real asset. I feel it’s one of Zer0 underrated skills (the place in the sniping tree confused me a bit at first!). But it allows you an adjustable control over weapons like multi pellet shotguns, which I really like.

Yep and it would make accuracy dependent weapons such as the Striker, Unforgiven, Lyuada, and other weapons even more lethal.

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What do you define as “passively” ?

Because Salvador gets accuracy from divergent likeness and the only requirement is “while gunzerking” which is about as passive as can be :stuck_out_tongue:

In this sense I would say that ‘passively’ is when a character is not using their AS, although this is a total guess on my part…:relaxed:

Yes! Quite calm, actually! Wouldn’t hurt a fly. :innocent:


By passive I mean up 100% of the time with no trigger mechanisms like Salvador’s Steady as She Goes or whatever it is called. Skills such as that I consider activation skills regardless of how frequent or how easy they are to activate.

I wouldn’t mind such a skill on Maya or another character I like using Jakobs on, with a higher chance it kicking it, as it would make scoring critical hits much easier.

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Technically, Ranger also provides passive accuracy

Though given Ranger is also a placebo effect, it doesn’t count.

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I have never gotten around to using those COMs as they are quite the pain to get, especially if you are after a particular one. The only COM I ever bothered with was a Monk COM for Salvador.