How I would revise Psycho / Krieg's Skill Trees


  • Blood Twitch - In addition to its original effect, melee attack speed is boosted by +.03% per BL stack per level.
  • Bloody Revival - Boosts firepower for all weapons - not just Assault Rifles
  • Blood Overdrive - When fully upgraded, you can carry 3 additional grenades.


  • Empty the Rage - Double the melee damage boost.
  • Pull The Pin - Effect is changed to “You can throw grenades during FFYL”
  • Fuel the Rampage - Team mates cannot damage you
  • Thrill of the Kill - When upgraded on the 5th level, you gain +20% health per kill in addition to the overkill bonus.
  • Light the Fuses - The damage of the dynamite scales
  • Silence the Voices - Self-attack cannot happen twice in a row.
  • Release the Beast - Health and action skill meter are recharged to 85% instead of 100%.


Note that all of these effects are in addition to current effects:

  • Fire Fiend - Melee attacks gain 5% ignite chance with each additional upgrade.
  • Flame Flare - When fully upgraded, you gain +10% movement speed while on fire
  • Pain is Power - When fully upgraded, while on fire, melee attacks do +15% damage to burned enemies.

I agree with everything on this list except for the above: RtB is a capstone skill and performs just like one should. Sure it may seem OP, but it’s very much a risk vs reward deal: if you miss it, you’re dead.

As for this:

I don’t think it needs to be changed because it fits in with Krieg’s personality. He already gets AS cooldown when being hit, so why not let his teammates hurt him? Besides, the damage goes down the higher the skill is.

Given that BL 2’s life-cycle effectively ended with last October’s patch, I don’t see any of these being change. But it’s a fun thought experiment though.


Any real reason as to why tone down both Release the Beast and Fire Fiend?

About Pull the Pin, it still woud be pretty shi† taking into consideration how unlikely you are to kill anything with the grenade drop. For testing purposes I would make it drop multiple if not all of your character’s remaining grenades.

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Fire Fiend was never nerfed. I added a bonus. I didn’t remove the original effect.

Pull the Pin would be underpowered even with the EXP bonus, so I changed it entirely to increase survivability (and give it comboability with the Bloodlust tree).

Fuel the Rampage is just too vulnerable to foul play. Perhaps, it should only be disabled in random matches.

Release the Beast was nerfed because the other skills were buffed in exchanged. As a result, Krieg would be less reliant on a single skill, and he wouldn’t be underpowered early game. I also (just now) reduced the penalty from -25% to -15%.

Your revision
+5% melee ignite chance per rank

Current model:
+10% melee ignite chance per rank

I believe it qualifies as a nerf

I think OP means additional 5% ignite chance per level
Basically making it a 15% chance per level skill

As a gun Krieg
I must disagree with Blood Twitch
Krieg has no swap speed skill other than Blood Twitch

And removing that… I can already feel the pain
Besides Bloodlust isnt really a melee tree, its a tree that aimed to balance melee and gun(and grenade judging by the 3 kill skills)

Mag size and Swap speed are stats that can still help in a melee/grenade situation

Since it allows for easier slag and swap
Or DoT and swap if mixed with hellborn

As for Fuel the Rampage
Friendly fire is a pretty interesting concept
I wouldnt mind having it in
Id rather suggest having the friendly fire resistance to 99% at all levels(instead of only at 11/5)
And if you combine that with a buff to Light the Fuse
Suicidal Krieg really could work out

As for Pain is Power, why limit it to melee damage?

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I suppose I missed the line just above the proposed change to Fire Fiend

15% per-level seems a bit too much for me considering you would be able to hit 105% ignite chance with just 7 points in it. 50% at 5/5 doesn’t see too bad for me as it also works well with Flame Flare by giving a reason for you to spec into it at least 3/5.

on thinking
I actually have a new suggestion for Light the Fuse

along with the increase in damage

make it so that your FFYL time never goes under a certain amount of time(maybe 3 seconds?)
and give Krieg a movement boost for that time period

the idea is to give Krieg time to rush to the enemies before exploding
but not too much that he can throw more than 2~3 dynamites

think of it like this: the bandits relentlessly shoot Krieg
Krieg goes down on his knees
the bandits cheer
yet Krieg suddenly springs forward, rushes to the closest bandit and…

I am not gonna lie. I disagree with nearly everything

Blood Twitch: Nice idea, kind of op imo. Especially for a tier 1 skill. Also I love the weapon swap speed.
Bloody Revival: You cant save this skill, its so bad in comparison with other Bloodlust skills.
Blood Overdrive: Its very untipical for a Borderlands game to get an extra bonus for maxing out skills. +1 grenade for every level is somewhat useful and not op.

Empty the Rage: Its a pretty solid boosts. It could get a 1.5 mulitplier but Krieg definetely doesnt need any buffs.
Pull the Pin: Makes no sense as you already have Light the Fuse.
Fuel the Rampage: Great idea.
Thrill of the Kill: In uvhm this already heals you a lot. And as Ive said, Krieg doesnt need buffs at all.
Light the Fuse: I definetely agree
Silence the voices: Good point, and why not!:smiley:
RtB: Wouldnt change much, kinda useless.

Fire Fiend: I agree;D A total of 15% (per skillpoint) dot chance would be pretty solid
Flame Flare: Great idea, although I would give it a 2% increase for each lvl instead.
Pain is Power: Why not, this skill definetely needs a buff! (and make it multiplicative dmg)

Thats only my opinion. I just feel like skills such as: Hellfire Halitosis, Blood trance need a buff more than other skills. And Elemental Empathy need to be how it was. Most other skills are fine:D

I actually think nothing boosts this skill

Fire Fiend? Both the Barbarian and Toast COMs boost it.

thanks! Didnt know the that:D

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