How important is Luneshine?

I’ve been farming the Grinder for some level 70 gear, specifically a Maggie. Since I mean this to be my final one, I’ve been very particular about parts. Dastardly, Jakobs grip. I actually got one like that, but with no Luneshine, so I rejected it, though I’m wondering if that was a mistake. I’ve played most of the game, only on rare occasions having Luneshine weapons. How important is that to end game play? Do I need it, or should I just accept it if the Grinder spits out another with the right prefix and grip, and say 2 out of 3 ain’t bad?

It depends on the particular bonus. Most are pretty lackluster. Just having moonshine doesn’t mean anything in and of itself.

That doesn’t really answer my question. Obviously the XP Bonus one is completely useless to me, though it’s the one the Grinder seems to pump out most frequently. But some are helpful, like the critique bonus. Is something like that worth holding out for?

For Jakobs, absolutely! That 10% crit for free is no joke with their multiplicative crit bonus. You should definitely aim for it if you can.

There are also a few others, like the shield bypass for the Fatale, or the grenade damage on a Kerboom or IVF, where the luneshine will be adding extra for free. In cases like those, you really aim to get a good luneshine effect.

Though if you have to choose between a Maggie with perfect parts and prefix, or a Maggie with less ideal parts and the luneshine, take the perfect parts dastardly.


This ^^^

Luneshines are cool and help but they don’t make or break a gun like a grip/acc can.

So if you gat a “perfect” gun with no luneshine you should keep it.

Thank you. I suspect I’ll be at this for days now for passing up a good version, but that advice helps. Just wish I’d asked sooner.

They’e neat, but you’ll be better off going for Orange or using a more common Purple or something.

Oh wait people already answered.

I don’t know who you are playing but a lot of the Luneshines can get lost in the skill tree as well.

So the critical hit bonus even on a Jakobs pistol adds 12.5%, well with Jack or Aurelia you can have well over 200% crit buffs and you will never notice that 12.5%

Conversely, on Athena, Claptrap, or Nisha, that crit boost makes much more of a difference.

It all depends on the character.

And I’d argue that at least of some guns (like the fatale) the luneshine can definitely make a huge difference. Enough to actually proactively search for one.

Luneshine are nice, but they don’t make that much of a difference.

The only time I think I would really want a luneshine, is the shield bypass one on a pistol for Nisha, since she can double it to 60%, on a Cryo or Corrosive gun.

Other than that, it’s just cute…

You already knew the answer to your own question.

10% Crit bonus on an AR helps…

I was unaware of this. is it additive? or are you just saying you have double the chance of 30% chance to bypass shields since you’re dual wielding? so each fire shot has a 30% chance but you get twice as many tries? Cause that is how I see it. not truly giving you 60% chance. I hope I explained myself properly.

Yes, you did.

I’m pretty sure it’s 60 but I never did the proper testing, but I can say that you get more than 30 for sure for having tried it.

So it’s either 60% or around 51% in the other case (where you get 30% chance tested twice)

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