How in the hail is Alani supposed to kill Ambra 25 times?!

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Poor Ambra. Everyone wants to kill her.

As an Ambra player, I disapprove of these hooligans.

Seriously tho, first Gali, now Alani, gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with.


I might start playing as Ambra to help people with their lore…

So many lore challenges revolve around her. Gal, Deande, and now Alani.

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I do wonder if we’re going to see people playing Ambra just to feed other people lore challenge kills. It wouldn’t surprise me, really.


That works on allies in PvE and includes yourself. Even though lore challenges aren’t working for her right now, I did end a story mission with 3/50 on that one.

Well I’d say it’s been working… not so much for my Alani game but I’ve gotten 5 kills with Gal in the two time’s I’ve played her today (been helping with the other lore challenge)

I think that would be fine if the challenge was equal between different characters but it is not. Some characters can get their lore challenges done way faster/easier. This in itself wouldn’t be that big of an issue except for the fact that important legendaries are tied to the lore challenges.

I figured you could, but it’d probably be much easier in PvP since it’d be hard to just have 4 other people stand around waiting for my cooldown to reset while I could easily hit 6-7 players at a time on incursion.

I snagged two kills on her in a match just now going full support in her helix. You’re already juggling torrent shots between heals. Aim carefully and don’t be afraid to drop emergence on her.

The only reason I even aimed for her was because I knew I had the lore thing and happened to try and snag it. Killing her won’t be as easy as a dps character, but with the raw range on torrent, it shouldn’t be the most difficult thing to just rack up over various pvp modes.

I take it this is BattleBorn’s version of Kill Bill? Hasn’t she suffered enough? lol
Still though it seems Ambra has made quite a few enemies amongst her BatleBorn brethren and sisters

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True. I trolled the ISIC elevator pad (close cluster) for about a minute so I could get some of the challenge done before I knew it was broken.

Not even knowing anything about the lore in question, I’m just going to assume Ambra has a string of bitter ex-girlfriends. Presumably they were tired of being told to WASH THEIR HANDS


The issue is, it requires your opponent to be playing as Ambra. You could play 20 games before you even find a single Ambra, or none at all. You might not ever encounter an Ambra again. That’s why it is a stupid lore due to the fact it requires luck

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I think I’m going to start treating their relationships like this from now on. Ambra had a secret crush on Galz. GBX already has an official lesbian relationship in Borderlands, why not here?

I am finding this one simple, its the riptide one that’s getting me. I can get 7 kills on a over confident ambra with new healer. But getting a whole team to line up for riptide to only have it go up by one for a game where I have had 10+ team baths is just stupid padding.

Teammates count for riptide

Right? This challenge is hard enough. But to kill Ambra 25 times with a healer is ridiculous. Especially when nobody plays as her that much. (Not in my games)

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Don’t know where you’ve been but I have NEVER seen an ambra have more damage dealt than an alani