How in the world are you supposed to get the Berg destruction lore?

It’s no longer a helix option for dying. The only time I see him blow up is when you teleport back to base. That means you can’t do it in PvE. The teleport explosion is small, and there’s no way to hit an enemy with it since your teleport is interrupted any time you’re hit? What am I doing wrong? :confused:

Edit: problem solved! Thanks for the help guys

It’s no longer the level 7 helix mutation? You’re SURE?! I’m going to have to look into this after work. As far I know, you have to hit character rank 9 with him to unlock self-destruct sequence.

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That’s just his teleport animation, nothing to do with damage.

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Wait a minute I completely misunderstood. I apologize. I thought it was a helix 9 choice. Not a helix 7 choice unlocked at character rank 9.

Thank you everyone!

No problem, enjoy! I recommend soloing “The sentinel” story chapter, as it’s the easiest non-defense mission to level him in on Harcore Mode. Also, you can easily meet the lore challenge in one playthrough of this level, as there are multiple groups of 5 primal thralls that you can allow to kill you, so that when you blow up, you complete 1/4 of the lore with one life. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a melee user down with you when you die, which is easy, because the explosion is instantaneous upon death, and does 640 damage without gear when you get it at level 7; 700 at level 10.

This and the double kills are all I’ve got left actually. I really imagine it’ll be satisfying haha. I recently just got down when to place the ice wall with Kelvin. That’s extremely satisfactory to trap them for the kill

I think honestly the best mission to do this on is void’s edge (episode two, in case the name is wrong) The part with all of the verelsi while fighting the boss is fantastic for this, died like 3 times to get all of the kills.

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Wait wait wait wait - his lore REQUIRES power leveling his CHARACTER LEVEL!?!?

That’s just… WHY? No other characters have that, or if they do, it’s a REALLY early helix mutation (i.e. the first one).

And top of that you need to get 10 double kills with his ultimate. I’m pretty sure everyone is in agreement that he’s got the toughest mastery out there

To be honest, i feel like having to actually level and complete lore challenges with the helix mutations should be something EVERY character has to do for mastery. That being said, it’s a cruel joke that killing on rails is nigh impossible without a significant amount of luck.

That’s not even SORT OF the worst challenge though - at least it’s actually POSSIBLE to do it in every match, unlike some of these stupid “need character x” challenges…

If that’s how you feel, then hey, what can i say? All i know is that, if you look under the “Toby” section, you’ll see a comment about killing on rails in almost every post. I agree that the “kill Ambra 25 times” one for Galilea is ridiculous since her nerf, but getting 10 double-kills with Toby’s core discharge is AT LEAST on the same level.