How in the world do you beat Pete without glitching him?

This is on my Maya, by the way. I’ve read things like knocking his helmet off using Trespasser to make the shield part go faster. Using DPUH on him afterwards. Which, by the way, why? You can land waaaay more pellets on him with a shock sandhawk and thus do way more damage with a Bee.

I do have all the required gear. L. Cat, shock sandhawk, a pretty nice Bee (though no corrosive or fire immunity).

My issue is avoiding his novas. They seem to be quite random, except for his double nova transition. Is there a timer like Hyperius has? Does he do them after a set pattern of attacks? Is it based on how much damage he’s taken?

I’ve watched videos on him but no one ever explains how they beat him. Magically being near one of the huts with the metal sheets and actually getting behind it in the 3.5 seconds of his nova animation seems nearly impossible, much less consistently.

I finally beat him today, but I had to resort to getting him stuck on the upper ring near the two metal (stone?) pillars so that I could easily avoid his nova. Not to mention Ruin + Cloud Kill (though I can remove Cloud Kill) makes it a major pain to see when he’s actually doing the animation.


The Trespasser trick is used to access his critical hit spot, which you can otherwise only hit once his shield is down. You’re waaaaay better off using shock Beehawk, especially with Maya and her Legendary Cat com. Usually Pete does indeed have a pattern for his novas:

When you start the fight he will normally run at you with his flamethrowers for a few seconds and at some point he will stand still and start throwing corrosive/fire blobs at you, depending on what elemental stage he’s in. These blobs are really easy to aviod because they take a few seconds to blow up. After the blob part, Pete will again charge you with his flamethrowers. After approximately 10 seconds he will stand in place again and proceed to unleash his nova. You can entirely avoid it by breaking line of sight with Pete, so during the second charge phase you should begin to look for a scaffolding to hide behind. When he’s done with the nova part the pattern will start all over again.

Most of the time, this is how the fight works, but you can sometimes break Pete’s AI, causing him to act unpredictably. Once you get the pattern down, it’s a very easy and relaxing fight compared to other raid bosses in my opinion.


Here’s a clip to illustrate what @LexAnarchy said. I don’t use the Trespasser, but as you can see, a shock Sandhawk + Bee makes short work of him.

Blocking line of sight doesn’t require much. As you can see in the clip, one of the novas fire when the scaffolding is in a disadvantageous angle. You only need a thin sliver of cover to avoid the novas. This is a game after all, and the things that actually hit you are the size of pixels.


That is something I will have to learn. Not a big fan of raid boss, especially soll. So when I kill Pee it’s only for the crystals and not for the satisfaction wich mean… Glitch. But next character that will need crystals is my Psycho so grenade jump is not an option and I should soon be done leveling characters so it will be on my bucket list.

Thanks for both the question and the answers.


Did someone say Bloodsplosion? :wink:


You use the critters?


Yep. I’ve never done it, but there’s a bunch of vids of it. Hit the valves, slag a pipsqueak, Rapier stab (I wonder if Slagga+Fastball works. Raid guru @nat_zero_six, do you know?), and if the stars line up (it looks like this comes around more than the age of Aquarius) Pete goes poof. I think the only bad thing I’ve read about this is that it vaporizes his head (which is a drop source as well as his body), so this method eliminates a potential drop. But if all you want are crystals it’s probably the fastest.


You can .

But ideal is melee to proc FTB.


Yeah I just shock-beehawk him the whole fight.

He does seem to have a timer of sorts with his novas. Usually what I do is this (using Maya, I equip a shock Bone, Legendary Cat, and of course a Bee and shock Sandhawk): fight starts, he drops down, I use Ruin to slag him and start beehawking away, circling around him and keeping distance and making my way to the scaffolding.

When I get a sense he’s getting ready for a nova (this just kinda comes with practice after fighting him many times), I duck behind the scaffolding and peek out to send more bullets down his way. When I see him do the nova animation, I duck behind. Oftentimes it looks like there’s no way you can avoid getting hit by it back there, but as long as the game thinks the line of sight is broken you’re fine (you just kinda learn over time what the margin of error is). After the nova passes, I come out and start making a circle around the arena, Ruin-slagging and beehawking as I go, generally making one circle around, kiting him around until I get back to the scaffolding. (Once I see his shield is about to drop, I always make sure I’m near the scaffolding because he’ll nova once it’s down.)

Then it’s just repeating that. If I do happen to get hit by a nova, I just haul it to the spiderant valve (on the opposite side of the arena from the scaffolding) and use that one to wash off, never the rat one. I usually have a Chain Lightning equipped in solo raid boss fights for emergency healing (paired with a Rubi or Grog) and usually a couple CL blasts will take care of the spiderants that come out, without having to devote too much attention to them.

Edit: if I have a Trespasser handy I do use that to get his helmet off sooner, it does help a bit.


I’ve only Bloodsploded Pete a couple times, but what I ended up doing was use a Slagga against Pete to max out bloodlust stacks, then I hit the valves to get the rats and critters out, then tried to get them lined up and threw out some low-level slag Bouncing Bonny grenades to get everything slagged. Then I rampaged and meleed what I thought was the best place to start the chain and got lucky!

And I think you’re right about his head vaporizing. I seem to remember being denied one of his normally-guaranteed drops one or both times.


If you want an alternative to avoiding the novas, you could try bringing in a friend and having them trigger the enemies in the bar to spawn. In my experience, the waterfalls in the arena won’t spawn enemies once this happens, so you won’t inevitably be fighting level 90 spiderants. Once that issue is solved, his attacks are easy to avoid and just a matter of jumping around his arena.


A key sign he’s about to do his novas is when he raises both arms to his side. I’ve done the fight often enough that I usually just stay behind the scaffolding and shoot him with the InfiniBee combo as I hate really using strategy against him :grin:


Super late because been messing around with other things. Anywho, I appreciate that clip very much. That visual representation + what LexAnarchy said helps a lot. See, I have very limited experience with raid bosses. This being an old game, I’m sure everyone and their mother have killed them 200 times or some crazy number. So it just seems like all the little things are just natural to them. But I don’t know them.

Anyways, my issue has been that I just figured Pete’s attack pattern was just pure RNG. Since sometimes he would have that normal attack pattern (which I never identified as an actual pattern) and then his AI going wonky and not attacking in a proper sequence. Seeing you lead Pete around the room, not shooting at him so that you can get a proper distance from him to avoid his nova using the metal plating there was great.

I know how to block him and all, but actually doing it consistently was the biggest issue for me.


Glad I could help! :sun_with_face:


Yes, I don’t actually even remember how it goes when he has his helmet on since I always use Trespasser on him. But he tends to nova when his helmet comes off and after that it’s a steady cycle. I always do a triangle shaped motion through the room, running away from the scaffolding at an angle, then to the other “end” of the room and then back to the scaffolding and that’s when the nova happens. If you’re a bit early it’s pretty easy to juke Pete a bit at the scaffolding to avoid it.
Unless you count breaking line of sight to avoiding novas as glitching him.

A few years back Bahroo did some raid guides to show how different characters can take down different raids and his Pete video was him doing it with no skill points since it’s basically the same thing for every character. It probably shows a pretty good timing for getting behind a scaffolding for his novas.


While he has his helmet on, every other nova will be fire or corrosive. Matching inflammable or alkaline shields will grant DoT immunity against these novas. When his helmet comes off, the novas will be PyroCaustic (both elements).