How in the world do you play a tank Maya

I don’t know how to play a good Tank Maya can anyone please help

Could you start by telling us what level you’re at and what gear you have (including COMs)?

Maya isn’t a tank in the same way as Sal or Krieg, who both can withstand huge amounts of damage and still stand. Maya’s “tankiness” comes from her abilities to heal and keeping her shield up, and most of all… from her phaselock. If you phaselock an enemy, he can’t damage you, right! Phaselocking also triggers some of Maya’s best skills for staying alive: Converge, Elated, Ruin and Chain reaction. Converge bunches up the enemies and gives you time to get organized. Elated heals you, and Ruin and Chain Reaction kills them. And let’s not forget Life Tap. A kill skill that turn any gun into a Moxxi gun. Yummy! Staying healthy during a phaselock is no biggie usually, but it’s Life Tap that builds the bridge until you’re ready for the next phaselock.

Good gear is always nice, but a lot of the green and blue stuff will go a long way. The top tier gear becomes more important in the OP levels, but in UVHM, you’ll do fine with regular gear. Even a mediocre green rarity shield will become pretty decent with 5/5 in Ward. If you have a COm that boosts it to 10/5… well… you get the point. Tediore shields have realtively low capacity, but they have a short delay and a high recharge rate. They’re an excellent choice on Maya.

Maya is strong with almost any gun, so the only advice I’ll give is to keep a high powered shotgun handy for close encounters. Jakobs or Torgue 3- or 4-barrels are preferred.

A lot of people recommend a singularity grenade for some extra crowd control, but with one exception, Quasar, they all suck so bad, it’s not even funny. An AoE grenade will hurt the enemies, and Life Tap will also feed on them, so you’re better off with one of those.

A cooldown relic means more phaselock! More phaselock is good! Get a cooldown relic!

Buildwise, I’d suggest this build. It’ contains all the “big” skills, and it works really well for general mobbing. Certain areas or use of certaion gear may call for a slight change on some of the skills.


Don’t just stand there like an idiot! Move!:smile: And use your phaselock! If it’s on cooldown, use Scorn!

Hope it helps!


Inertia (for the shield regeneration) and Life Tap (for the health regeneration) are, I think, her primary tank skills. Note that they’re both kill skills; as long as you can keep your kill skills up, she should be able to survive quite a bit.

You can always punt and give her a Grog Nozzle, and whenever she looks at someone funny, she’ll fill her health back up, but I find that she needs kill skills up to get her tank on.

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You can check Spunky nursing guide.

@Derch Some expertise, perhaps?

Derch has a video showcasing a Warder build, check his YouTube channel for it

Lifetap and Inertia are great, as mentioned, but Sweet release is an awesome skill, and Elated, when boosted to 10/5 with a COM is incredible too.

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Well I kinda went off for a legendary siren class mod but looking for a good prefix for a nurse class mod that boost life tap and interia and she is level 32 with a actuallizer as her main smg

Thank you so much

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My pleasure! :smiley:

If you tell us which gear you have access to, and also which level they’re at, and if there are any specific areas you have problems in, we can probably sort out a more specific setup and tactic for you. But for now… Get out there and shoot something!

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Oh, it helps! I’m level 72 (recent) and now trying to perfect my girl and prep for the digistruct/OP ladder climb. ALL advice helps! :smile: Question regarding the build, and perhaps I’m a moron, but how’d said person skip blight phoenix and place a point in Ruin??

You need to place 26 skill points in Cataclysm to get to Ruin. As long as you have at least 5 points in each tier, you will be able to progress further down the tree. When the “extra” points that you have placed in each tier adds up to 5, you will be able to skip a tier, and move to the next one. Like this…

Hope it helps!

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Oh my, why have I not done my homework before now? All these years… Lol Many, huge thanks!!!


Let me just take a brief moment to point out, that… You are not alone, mate!:laughing: