How in world do you get to ultimate vault hunter mode?

I have tried to access it but it won’t let me in the main menu. Also i can’t reset my quests again from the menu. Am i missing something here? There should be a UVHM in the menu right? Can someone tell me what is going on.

UVHM doesn’t exist, not yet, at least.


Go into TVHM. Go to Sanctuary and put it on Mayhem 4. You’re now in UVHM.


It ll be interesting to see how gearbox will implement UVHM. Just add another layer of stats? Thats kind of yawn sounding to be honest.


UVHM will either be DLC or will not be added, ever (mayhem 2.0)

Making UVHM a DLC would be a dick move. I hope it ll be a free patch for everybody

Hopefully it’s enhanced AI patterns. You got a buff to movement speed they slide/dodge more frequently… You get ammo regen, they utilize more environment to make you use it up. Robots should be given flares to sometimes prevent homing weapons/grenades from tracking them.

Extra health isn’t difficult, it’s boring. If I’m taking the time to ADS then enemies should not just strafe but try and close the gap. The AI in this game is just lame.

I’m hoping for the ‘will not be added, ever’ personally.


iirc that was the case in BL2 :wink:

how the game is now it will be totaly useless :sweat_smile:

like you stated before, M4 pretty much is UVHM

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That was Sidartha who said the bit about M4. The automatic avatars make us twins. I agree with his assessment, however. :wink:

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pretty much agree there. There is only so much “difficulty scaling” gearbox can throw at us before things become ridiculous. Theres a reason why Blizzard did several “stat cullings” in its days. But hey, this is a future thing so maybe they ll think of something worthwhile.

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i hope so :joy:

i was hoping M4 would be the solution… but hey… having some good laughs with the side misions (like claplist beta test mision haha that one was hilarious)

when i’ve done it all i’m going back to BL2 untill there’s new content (and hopefully someday a decent difficulty that isn’t turning everything into a bullet sponge)

Already there my man. Just waiting for the wife to feel like tackling the Maliwan site ^^

I totally forgot about that. Tiredness from my job i guess but nonetheless thanks for the response.