How is a blue rated higher than a legendary?

So I’ve had my Maggie for a while and was just given this iron-willed peacekeeper in my mail from an NPC. please tell me how it is rated higher and it’s item score gearbox needs to fix whatever math they are using.

I ignore item score, I have no idea how they calculate it but I’ve had 2 of the same legendary where the lower score handled better, had better accuracy and better dps. Just use whatever kills better lol.

Well I’m not sure but luckily for you Item Score means absolutely nothing as far as I’m aware.

The gear score is kind of pointless anyways, I’m not really sure why it was introduced.
The only reason I could see why the Peacekeeper has a higher rating than the Maggie is because it has a general anointment vs a class specific anointment.
On the same note, the Peacekeeper also sells for more money for some reason.

I have been using an anointed level 561 Night Hawkin for weeks.
Last Night I received a 540 version with no anointment that has nearly double the dps (x2 ) and similar stats.
Only real difference was the new version has burst fire and no automatic, which I prefer anyways…

The whole idea behind the ‘Item Score’ baffles me: there were already at least THREE in-game indicators of the item’s ‘worth’:

  • Level
  • Color: White<Green<Blue<Purple<Orange
  • Price $$$ - Marcus already did all the hard work of scoring all items for us, why did we need another one???

I find correlation between item’s score and its actual usefulness to be much weaker than I would’ve liked.

I’m not 100% sure either. Could be the debuffs of Weapon damage and Weapon accuracy that downgraded the legendary. Also the reload buff is better on blue. Last it could be as jmthsauer stated

To be fair, that one isn’t actually a good indicator because it’s heavily based on weapon type. Like, heavy weapons are a lot more expensive than any other weapon class and they are essentially the least used and weakest weapon class in the game

I have noticed that good quality purples and blues nearly always have a higher sell price than an equivalent legendary. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Annointments seem to add 5-10k value and 20-40 score for some reason. Main reason a gun with bad stats is higher than one with good stats is an annointment. Doesn’t even have to be a good one.
I have heard a youtube ‘influencer’ say that at LVL 50 you should try and use guns that have a score of at least 550 (570 Annointed) but this is totally false. Some of the best guns in the game have scores at or below 500.
Item score sounded great in theory if you wanted to quickly check which one of your duplicates you should keep vs sell. Unfortunately it cannot be relied on.

Combined part rarity

Legendaries can’t spawn with all parts, thus their combined part rarity can be (and usually is) lower