How is Explosive Treated in BL3?

I see all the elements…Cryo, Radiation, Shock, Corrosive, Incendiary,…and even non elemental Kinetic.

But how does the game assign/use Explosive??

Is it treated as elemental?

IS there explosive damage in this game??

I have a Torgue pistol the LOOKS like it is doing explosive damage. And that makes sense because…it’s Torgue.

But I just don’t know

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They kinda changed it all. I’ve seen explosive on manufacturers other then torque. And I’ve seen every element on torque weapons.

From what I have gathered instead of explosive as an element weapons that do explosive damage now just have splash damage listed, I do think it is a nice change because we can now have explosive weapons that deal elemental damage.

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I think explosive damage has been replaced with a splash damage factor, or at least that would make sense.

There is no longer an explosion element. It has been replaced by radiation as the new element. Radiated enemies explode when killed, and damage nearby enemies.

However, there are some weapons that deal splash damage, similar to a rocket launcher. These weapons are usually made by Torgue.

It’s different, but it still works. I found a gun that was made by Torgue, but was basically a magnum style pistol that shot mini-flame rockets. Got to use that sucker for like, 12 levels it was so badass. All the area of effect damage of a Torgue weapon, with all the elemental effectiveness of a Maliwan, with all the kick of a Jackobs.

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for our reference


This table is awesome. Thank you.

It’s interesting to see that Armor takes extra from Cryo and shields take extra from Radiation in TVHM.

Also Shock being reduced by both Armor and Flesh, removing it from being a good all-purpose element.

also explosive damage aka splash damage can now knock enemies off their feet, also shotguns can

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thank you bro, for this reference sheet. You deserve a giant cookie :cookie:

It still takes getting used to, it’s so ingrained in my brain that shock is the neutral element that doesn’t have penalties against flesh and armour

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this annoys me a little bit, it opens up the market, but i’m so used to thinking of explosive as its own thing ;…;