How is Gearbox going to reimburse LOST BANK ITEMS?

Quick question for the moderators or people at Gearbox…

Since a lot of player are losing their Items from their bank because of a BUG.
What is gearbox going to do about it? (Besides fix the bug in a patch?)

Will you come out publicly and say how to avoid this fro happening until its fixed?
Will you reimburse players for their lost loot and “TIME”? If so, how?

This IS the Worst kind of bug a Looter game can have… and you have it.

I hope you guys don’t just simply say “Sorry, and here is the patch for it”

So again, how are we going to be composted for wasting our time like that?


I just experienced the same problem. I lost everything that was in my bank. I demand compensation.


They’ll most likely give people golden keys

During the interview on the Borderlands Show, Paul Sage did mention that they would have to consider if or how that was done. I’ve seen nothing since then.

I haven’t lost much but my wife has lost everything - several times. We got the game to play together but after this last time, losing all her legendaries, I may not be able to play with her anymore because, she-is-PISSED. And sadly, I really dont think gearbox is going to reimburse anybody anything. They’re too busy making sure people dont get too many legendaries.

Are we just gona forget this happened?