How is Ghalt op?

Ok so I have been hearing people talking about how Ghalt is OP but I dont understand why? I have no problem dealing with Ghalt at all he seems like a one trick pony with lay a trap hook into it and shoot. As someone who has both played and played against Ghalt a bunch I would like to know what the argument is, because I feel Ghalt is balanced and is countered just by good play.

He just needs a delay in setting up mines

Just had a game where a Ghalt did 600dmg per shot without ult from one side of Overgrowth to the other.
He plainly won fights 1v4 because his health almost didnt drop and he only needed 5 shots for every character our team had

He isn’t.

As someone who has played as and against Ghalt, I find him far from OP.

He is dangerous up close, especially if he can pull off his hook/trap combo, but any aggressive push on him (melee or ranged) will either force him to retreat, or score you a kill. Sure the cloaked scrap traps can be an issue, but that is something that one needs to consider when facing him. Ghalt is a controller and a disrupter, he’s supposed to shake things up on a lane, and/or lock down an area. I certainly have more respect for a Ghalt that can hook me off a ledge and into the middle of their team, than I do for a Galiela that just pulls/silences everyone near her that’s for sure.

Plus, playing as a Ghalt and having a Galileia charge you and walk right into your trap only to be destroyed by shotgun blasts to the face has to be one of the most satisfying things about his character. :grin:


He isn’t, I’m a Master of Deande after playing him.

  1. I die wayyyy less as her.
  2. I clear crowds faster as her.
  3. She’s funny. :sunny:

Never found him OP untill some guy pulled me twice in a game (played as miko) and from full health I went 0 without even a chance to move (stun).

A really good Ghalt player will make him seem OP because he can be incredibly lethal in skilled hands. After playing him I realized that being a good Ghalt player is not easy as his hook takes skill and his traps are easily avoided by someone who knows him. Slug rounds might need a little tweeking because they travel further than you would expect. All in all I find him to be a wonderfully crafted character.


Slug rounds plus both barrels blazin is his only problem. He gets a sniper shotgun that does 400 damage per hit. With headshots you can 100-0 people with one hook n’ trap combo.

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Ghalt can devastate single targets no doubt, but one also has to consider that his scrap trap/hook combo only effects a single player at a time (if the Ghalt player is skilled enough to pull it off), and that once he does it he’s very vulnerable to rushing seeing as how he has to use 2/3s of his abilities to accomplish said combo.

Being on the receiving end of this combo can be annoying at times, but I have way more appreciation for a player’s skill and feel that they ‘earned’ a kill more, than I do for some random Glaleia that pulls, silences, increases damage done to you and deals damage to you all with a single power while attacking with 360 degree basic attacks that can be done while sprinting and throwing out more ranged DPS than some ranged focused characters.

No I’m not biased at all against Galiea players, why do you ask? :angry:

There is a delay, the mine doesn’t set off for 2 seconds until he can choose a helix option (can’t remember when but it’s not a mutation) that changes it to one second. The delay is plenty in my personal opinion.

Absolutely devastating long and close range damage, a ridiculously powerful melee knockback, a super easy/lazy/sleazy stun AND the best pull. Ever since he got that huge buff in EA i have not touched this character, too dirty.

That sounds like a false accusation if I ever heard one, on his ultimate damage falls off rather quickly at range.

Miko has the easiest crit spot, so not surprising that a shotgun would destroy you point blank while you are stunned. By the way, it’s even easier when miko bends over leaving his head even more vulnerable to headshot.

Standard slugs do have a significant damage fall off at range, and both barrels blazing do give a significant boost to damage, but both barrels blazing do shoot off two rounds at the same time, and take as long as firing two normal slug rounds. So essentially, his fire rate does decrease with both barrels blazing. Meaning that if you fire once with both barrels blazing, you could have shot twice without the helix.