How is is possible to do well with benedict?

I really like the character but:

-slow basic attack
-zero splash damage
-low survivability aside from just running away from battle
-crappy L1
-85 second super cooldown that also makes your character stand completely still to use

Make him really horrible to use.

I use all the right helix upgrades and the items I use are:

  • legendary attack speed that stacks more attack speed
    -attack damage
    -reload speed

plz halp

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This doesn’t fix any of his issues. His rockets are still slow, his rockets still have no splash damage. Seems like he’s just an awful character.

Benedict is one of the hardest characters to play, his strength lies in his mobility. He can escape from anything with Liftoff or chase down anyone with his limited flight and Hawkeye, and a good Benedict is harder to kill than the best Thorns and Mellkas.

You first need to learn to use his mobility, it’s his primary weapon not his rocket launcher, he’s actually one of the better characters in the game but requires a lot of skill to use effectively.

I can escape easily with him, but following people is hard with accelerators, etc. Landing his rockets is always a pain for me since everyone moves so fast and they’re so damn slow.

If you actually did read this two guides in 6 minutes, i’d be impressed.

I already saw one yesterday.

Then you’d know that you shouldn’t have trouble hitting peoples, and that his Rocket speed isn’t a problem, since i advise going Close range with him.

Zero Splash damage? You can hit an entire wave of minion with a single rocket at level 7.

For the “Low survivability”, i also suggested going for Max health gear, at least +280 max health and +210 max health after surviving for 180 seconds.

I guess “L1” is Hawkeye? If so, it’s just one of the best burst damage non-ultimate skill in the game.

Ultimate is a finisher, standing still is completely negated by the fact that you will kill your target.

Your Helix and Gear is wrong. It’s not focused enough on anything.
Also, get his Legendary asap.

what packs can I even get “the right gear” out of?

“Eldrid’s Bio-weave” and “Talon of the Hawk” are both Eldrid gears (Talon of the Hawk being a Legendary, that might be hard to get)
Edit: You can also get some decent stuff for Benedict with UPR pack.

I’m no pro with him by any means but I do play a pretty good Benedict. Gear helps a bit.
I usually run:
+reload with +reload for 5 seconds after reloading
+health regen with +regen after 180 seconds
+health OR +shield OR +attack speed

After you get his helix to increase reload your dps sky rockets. You should always be firing or reloading to keep the reload bonus. There’s not a single melee character I fear since I can double jump, use liftoff, and fire away or glide to safety.
Once you get used to his mobility, even ranged players will have some difficulty getting to you.
If you position yourself right, most players don’t look directly up.

As for his ult… yeah that cooldown blows for a skill that locks you into place. Can’t argue that one.

aim the rockets ate ppl feet. (dont try to get direct hits cuz your prolly gonna miss)
aim the rockets where you think ppl are gonna be ( its to predict where ppl are goin when thet keep jumping)
do go up close to fight unless you have your lift off ready
get the legendary asap.


I noticed that I got a larger volume of kills when I switched to the rocket speed bonus vs the reload bonus.

I use a reload and 2 fire rate bonuses.


I thought reload gear would be no brainer for him, but I overheard someone who was putting up numbers to back up his Attack speed, Regen, movement/sprint speed loadout argument.

Benedict is one of my favourite characters to play because he’s right out of UT 2004, double jump and all. I get so many flashbacks to vehicle CTF playing him.

I’m a PvE player, of course, so I don’t know how relevant I am to you. It’s important to keep in mind that Benedict is able to reload cancel to a degree, so there’s that. Also, you can make him more beneficial by doing all you can to lower his reload speed overall.

Until you have his legendary, try concentrating on dive-boming more than staying in the air. Benedict’s primary tool is evasion, he can bounce around like a crazy person. His damage is low, his rockets are slow, but if you play him right, you can just about keep up with more A tier characters.

I definitely agree he needs a look at (especially in PvE), because he underperforms even if you play him well, whereas some characters can overperform without any effort at all. I’m not for nerfing them, though. I’m more for buffing Benedict in ways that reward skill.

The most important thing to look at, I think, is buffing his evasion and reload. You could take a full quarter off of the cooldown of Liftoff, allowing him to be as evasive as he should be without breaking him or making him OP.

And if you use Boomsday every time it comes up, that’ll really help to maximise your output. One of the lovely things about Benedict is that the cooldown of his ultimate and primary attack skill isn’t that long. So I wouldn’t bother with a cooldown item. The only cooldown that seems a bit unreasonable is Liftoff.

I think that if Benedict players could remain in the air more, it’d do so much to help with that underwhelming feeling. I mean, yeah, giving it my all as an old UT player I can’t keep up with Kleese if he’s holding a point, and Kleese is support. (Kleese is a bit insane in PvE.)

I think another element is that Ghalt almost has a rocket launcher with his shotgun which can easily go as far as Benedict’s rockets and beyond. When you pair up a Benedict with a Ghalt in PvE, that’s when things get interesting and you can really begin to see how our beloved aviant underperforms.

Plus, there are stupid choices in PvE that bug me. Such as Geoff’s explosive resistance. Ghalt can down Geoff in a matter of seconds with healing backup, it’s ridiculous. Benedict can shoot for hours and not leave a scratch.

Just some thoughts, anyway.

[quote=“shaman.wulf, post:15, topic:1539898, full:true”]
Benedict is one of my favourite characters to play because he’s right out of UT 2004, double jump and all. [/quote]
You should also try Caldy too, then. Totally the same vibe as UT.

Sometimes watching helps the best (not my gameplay btw):