How is it possible, last hit on ISIC with Dragon?

Alright help me out. I have tried 3 times to do this (Once solo’d) and I can’t hit ISIC when he’s the floating head.

How it the bloody reaches of the lowest fathoms of Hell are you supposed to do it??

What about dragon clap ability, thats the only way I can see you hitting him because it has some range to it.

Helped a friend during beta to do that. Basically we reduced the health of ISIC to almost zero (not necessary but this obviously make things far faster and efficient) and let el dragon finish him. you will go close enough to hit him regularly.
I suggest a team of 3 players that are fully aware of your goal from the start . More and something may go wrong x).

How did you mot get the final hit when you solod? Who killed him? The air?

Normal hits work.

I died :-(. Couldn’t get a hit on him and lost.

Alright thanks. I’ll see about assembling a team to help me