How is matchmaking 5/27?

Hey the battleborn Twitter mentioned an improvement to matchmaking - I’m at work just wondering if it’s any better yet?

Battleborn on Twitter: “Heads up #Battleborn! We’ve made an improvement to matchmaking that should shorten wait times for people experiencing long queues.”

Also curious to know.

Well, i didn’t had to wait long for a PvE game, and was ok for the PvP one, though it’s only 2 games so it doesn’t show much if there is an improvement.


Still MatchDerping some times. Which might be needed to fix too.
(And if any of you guys read this: We tried to go easy on you, and we are sorry.)

I haven’t noticed any improvement in terms of matchmaking quality on Xbox, but the wait times aren’t bad.

Same, No big changes in quality - not terrible- but times seem a bit faster for me in PS4 lobbys.

PVP matches still take forever to find. Average is like 3 to 5 minutes.

Massive wait times in AUS.
I know the playerbase is low but even if i know there are a decent amount of people playing I cant seem to get matched up.
Dont know if the ELO refuses to match people together or not. If it does that is stupid. After sometime if should just match anyone with anyone.

i think they are still a little longer than they should be, and still matching 5 mans against solo far too often. i think the simplest solution to solve both issues would be to remove any elo based, or skill based matchmaking from pubs entirely, while matching groups against groups. i think if you roll up in a 5 man squad, you should expect to possibly play great teams.

I’m actually having much better luck, both with quality and speed. U.S.based, for the record. And on console. Few days ago it was buggy and I had to keep restarting search, but not anymore! :smiley:

Thanks for posting this. Didn’t know they had done anything to fix it yet. I’ve been having wait times of 15-infinite minutes the last week or so, and have been on break from the game because of it. Looking forward to hopefully getting back on the saddle tomorrow.