How is melee krieg on op10

Is he good, bad what’s y’alls opinions.

Melee Krieg is still very potent on OP10. There isn’t much of a change in performance, and honestly, the extra 8 points is just gravy, but Krieg still puts in good work on OP10.

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I’ve made all three Kriegs (Bloodlust Mania, Hellborn Bloodlust and Hellborn Mania) over time, Bloodlust Mania being my first and favourite of them and therefore the only one I’ve bothered taking to op10 so far.

I’ve heard some people say his melee damage falls off in op levels - I may not be an expert with the maths and formula behind it, but from the point of view of someone who just loves playing Krieg I really can’t confirm this, I’ve never had any problems with him, not on op8 and not on op10.

I used the extra 8 points to make him a bit more tanky and to add some more melee damage through on fire bonus.

That’s how I run him now and he’s still great fun and absolute viable at op10, still killing a Goliath in two hits, still bloodslpoding Pete…


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