How is my tree build

After reading Blutfatal skills guild, I made a tree for this character. What I was looking for in this one is that I want to keep my digits Jack able to stay alive more longer but can still do damage to my enemies even when there died. Also, make it that I don’t really need them to do damage but help my life if I find myself in a tight spot. So take a look at it and tell me what you think and what guns and shields you would recommend with this.

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What you’re asking for is kind of contradictory. You want them to stay alive, but also do damage when they die, and you don’t want to be dependent on them for damage. There’s no real point to that. If you don’t want to be dependent on them for damage, then there is no reason to keep them alive. The damage you can deal with the kill skills leadership provides is far better than whatever damage the clones do without bolster.
Just as an example, if you have a badass Jack, they do 500k on the Potential nova when they spawn in, and the optimism nova when they die. After only a few deaths, you clones will be exploding for a total of 1 million damage every 2 seconds in an AoE. Basically, they will do at least 500k dps. The laser of the badass Jacks only does 200k in a much smaller area. At best you can get 400k per volley, but they don’t fire a volley every second, so the dps is lower than 400k.

Still, if that’s what you want to do, I’ll try to make suggestions based on what you want. For starters, I would suggest the Celestial Doppelganger class mod. It has great defensive bonuses, as well as boosts to the action skill timer. Best Foot Forward will extend your Action skill duration so you never have it on cooldown as long as you remember to recall it.

Next, I wouldn’t bother with Hero Pose or Compound Interest. Compound interest scales kind of badly, and hero pose is a bit redundant when you have winning giving you a quarter of your shield whenever yo want.

Third, I put more points into the 1 point skills of the middle tree. 50% fire rate, 100% reload speed, and 500k damage for 2 points is a pretty good deal.

I’d go for something like this.,auto

As for weapons, you have 2 options. You can go for full hyperion weaponry, or go partially hyperion. If you do the latter, you’d want to keep your shield, grenade, and Oz kit hyperion, and find some other weapons you want to use.

For shields, some good choices are the bulwark, shield of ages, and rerouter.

Hope that helps.


I will say this look good. I know it seems like it asking a lot about this class but I like to think of this build like a jack of all trades. Where I want them to do damages and help me in either way. Kind of like Jake would do. So thank you. Also, any tips on Jack like witch tree should I go down first.

The green tree has the best payoff early on.