How is new u not canon?

its there. in the game. and it talks to you. does every vault hunter have schizophrenia? and thats why theyre seeing it?

it is solely there as a respawn mechanic. nothing can bring someone back from the dead. also, if you want an in story reason to make you sleep easier, hyperion ran the new u stations in bl2. jack just booted roland out before he shot him. and maya’s was an older model that wasn’t linked to the new system.

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There are many threads on this topic, please add to one of those.

There is one recent one but there are others with Tales, TPS, and Bl2 as well.

New-U was confirmed a game mechanic and not cannon by gearbox back when bl2 came out.

If new-u was cannon then the universe would have no steaks because everyone could just endlessly respawn.