How is SHiFT "My Rewards" list supposed to work exactly?

Is SHiFT currently working properly for everyone else? I’m referring to Handsome Collection on PS4. First of all, I still haven’t gotten my Loyalty Rewards 75 keys for either game (though that’s a separate issue and I’ve had a ticket open for a while now, they’ll get to it when they get to it.) But just in terms of inputting keys that are posted on Twitter and such, how exactly does the list of redeemed key rewards work? Like, is it supposed to keep a running tally of everything you’ve ever redeemed? i.e. if I’ve redeemed 17 codes over a 6 month period would it theoretically show a list of all 17 entries and how many keys I received on each date? Or does it only show so many and eventually older ones get deleted from the list? I’m asking because I think SHiFT functionality is acting all wonky right now.

I just input several codes – in the Pre-Sequel, I already had 2 in my list from codes I redeemed weeks ago, I put 2 more codes in and it added them both to the list, for a list of 4 total entries. So far so good. But then I put in 2 more codes, so theoretically my list should go from 4 to 6 entries, but it doesn’t. For both the 5th and 6th codes I put in, I got the successfully redeemed message, but it never added them to the “My Rewards” list, it still only showed the 4 I had before.

Then for BL2, I put in one code, and it made an entry for it on the list but it actually replaced a previous entry (one from a few weeks ago is now deleted from the list), then the next code I put in behaved the same as the last TPS ones, where it redeemed it then it just never added it to the list. So weird and frustrating, because I’m not sure if I’m getting credit for these keys in-game or not given that they just sort of instantly disappear into nothing as soon as I redeem the codes (and I haven’t been manually keeping track of how many keys I should have in total because I was trusting the game to do this for me.) Is this normal SHiFT behavior?

In the game shift menu, it tends to combine similar level codes. For example, if you are redeeming 3 codes which are each worth 1 key, it will combine them into one line with a line that says redeemed 3 times. So the codes where the number of keys is the same will be combined into the same line.

If you go to the website, however, it will have a line for each specific code you enter.

Is this more clear?

Ah, thanks for the reply. That was the info I was after, indeed. I hadn’t thought to log in to the SHiFT website to check on it but sure enough in the rewards section there everything is listed individually and nothing is missing. I’ll just know now not to put much stock in how the list displays within SHiFT on the PS4. Thanks again!