How is Snare on action?

So is it actually pretty neat, or it’s meh but you don’t care cuz it’s badass, OR it’s horrendous you won’t bother tinkering with it? I mean it sounded pretty meh on paper, and I’m Fl4k noob so I don’t have much gear to test them out.

From my small amounts of testing, it’s pretty terrible.

Say you throw it at an enemy, which is now stunned. Great. Now you have to wait until the duration ends, then wait for the cooldown, to do it to the next enemy.

In that same amount of time, fade away could do massive damage/improve survivability, or rakk attack could be proccing all my anointments.

Honestly I’m confused why gearbox thought people would use an ability that stuns enemies occasionally on a glass cannon character. Unless I’m missing something, it’s about as badly designed as the rest of the tree.

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It is my understanding that you can pick up the gravity snare and get your remaining duration back as cooldown. I personally have not used this action skill yet, but that is what it states on the card.

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Blind with Anger people. You’ll feel much better.

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OF COURSE I’M BLIND WITH ANGER! And I feel terrible. :frowning:


Gravity Snare is pretty underwhelming. Enemies are knocked in the air for like half a second, which does nothing for FL4K because of how quickly they kill things. Enemies should at least be in the air for 3 seconds. Snare provides next to no utility to FL4K, especially compared to action skills like Fade Away and Gamma.

The Blind with Anger augment is okay and pretty fun.

Wide Net should be implemented into Gravity Snare by default, but also keep the augment around for even more duration and radius. The trap is so small without it. It needs it lol.

Forage is also fun to mess around with, but it definitely needs to drop double the ammo and health/shields boosters it’s dropping now. Maybe add in some damage and movement boosters?

Trap Card is a ■■■■■■■ joke. It needs to be scrapped and reworked into something else different.


Yes, I’m aware. But that’s still a pretty long cooldown for an action skill that’s basically worse then rakk attack in every way.


You’ll get no argument from me there.

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Almost done with my first normal playthrough and even on Normal I just can barely seem to justify its use. On Mayhem I just feel this action skill will be entirely useless. Although I will say this skill tree is super beginner friendly so maybe that is where they were going with this? His survivability is definitely there with the shields always back up and the Snare is a no brainer on how to use it. There are no intricacies that say Invisibility or Gamma have to them.

I was thinking some of the augments were going to add damage to it but nope. For instance I was thinking it was going to just snare and stun enemies. Then down the line/skill tree we get augments or skills to make the enemy get stunned under a fire pit. Or ice spikes shoot out from under the snare to freeze the stunned enemies. Or something like that but it is literally just a quick float for a second and then that’s it.

I mean I could kind of see this ability being useful and specifically used for a more pet/master interaction. Snare your enemies then have your pet do an Action Skill for AoE damage but even then the other Actions are just so much better.

Either way I am having fun and the Snare is entertaining me. Just thought it would be more involved or have mutations or something but if it was going for simplicity then I guess it did its job. Right on the money.

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