How is Survivor for group play?

I’m getting ready to start a run of BL1 with a full group, one of each character. I’m wanting to come up with a build that supports the group, but I don’t want Bloodwing to do my fighting for me, so I’m shying away from Ranger. How is Survivor? Any good builds out there?

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missing out. bloodwing is deadly.

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I can’t say I’ve used it much, as most of the time I’m playing solo or with one other friend at end-game. Usually, it’s best for me to build myself as strong as possible instead of helping my team.

Anyways, in a 4stack I’d say it’s ok, honestly. It’ll be a pretty convenient run, I can tell you that. Everybody will have passive health regen, which is definitely appreciated. On top of that, Swipe will keep everybody well-stocked with ammo and healing vials. Swipe is even better now, now that there’s auto-pickup for consumables.

I do like the reload speed bonuses, Rolands will appreciate that help.

Riotous Remedy is pretty bad though, I won’t lie. The problem with it is that it’s inconsistent, you “heal up to X%” of your health. Sometimes you’ll heal back a ton, sometimes barely anything. And with that passive health regen from the first line of the com, you’ll rarely notice it anyways.

It’s a comfortable and helpful COM, it won’t change how anybody plays in a big way, but it will make things all-around easier for the team.

Really, the more I think about it, the more I end up thinking of a Bloodwing-centric build. I’ve written off Riotous Remedy, that leaves Fast Hands and Swipe.
Fast Hands is a good general gunplay skill, but it’s not so much a skill that changes what guns you use, it works well with most anything. I can’t really pick anything to build around it, it’s just sorta there.
So. Swipe. Again, ammo and heals. You need to use Bloodwing to use this skill, and well, I know how to build Bloodwing(i mean you just put points in the BW skills).

It’s a supportive COM that lets you do most anything you want. The bonuses are pretty convenient for the team, but you won’t be changing anybody’s playstyle with this, it’s less a few big bonuses and more a bunch of small useful bonuses all over the place.
Swipe is good for team supplies and health.
Riotous Remedy is generally crap, particularly since the COM heals you anyways.
I see the potential for a support Bloodwing build. Since you don’t want to lean on BW, I’d suggest building the Gunslinger tree first unless you find out you really like using sniper rifles.

Build Suggestions

Lv20 Suggestion.
Lv40 Suggestion
I can get to Lv53 until I run out of places to put skills that are not BW-centric.
I see lots of pistols in your future, not so much cause of the COM but because of the Gunslinger tree being the best place to start for general gunplay.


Thanks! And yes, I know Bloodwing is deadly, but he’s also AI. I prefer to do the killing myself rather than just pushing a button and letting him do it for me. I don’t mind the added damage if he isn’t specced to deeply, but a strong Bloodwing build is too… passive for me.


Yeah, I tried to keep that in mind when putting together the skill trees. Unless you find an affinity for sniper rifles, you simply run out of places to put more points. The good thing is, by the time you have to put into BW you should have enough lethal potential by yourself to do just fine. Gear steadily gets better the higher your level, so it should be easier to be your own independent force later.

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I mean, if you really want, to, you can just avoid blood’s capstone,so he only hits a single target. Think of it as a daze rocket move.

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Oh, yeah - I have no intention of completely ignoring the fellow. I just don’t want to walk into a group of seven enemies, shoot one, then hit one key and watch Bloodwing play Borderlands!

I’ve actually played Mordecai (and everyone other than Brick) quite a bit. I have a couple of Mords in the mid-60s. None of it was with a full group, though. My only group run was with Lilith.