How is the Bekah in m10?

Now that mail rewards scale, has anyone tried the Bekah on fl4k now? been avoiding farming this thing since april. genuinely curious on what people think

Ive been contemplating grinding a new char just get the m10 lvl 60 rewards … just haven’t mustered up the motivation yet.

I wouldn’t bother until we know for sure we’ve reached the final level cap, probably with DLC4. Besides, if they do the promised updates on the veterans rewards machine soon it may be possible to get it that way.


ok, it may be unpopular opinion but for quest rewards with fixed or semi fixed statistics, where you’ll anyway save/reload until you get what you want I’d just use item editor and add these few levels and M10 status to see how it works :wink: then if you really want to be that clean you can spend 50h getting this one item the legal way :wink:

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it just does not… even at full split crit it loses out to clarvoyance comfortably. it is usable just fine but not a top gear

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ah thats a shame. thanks for the heads up rip