How is the community? Should I buy this game if...?

My boyfriend and I always play MOBAS together (such as Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm)… and since this is moba like, we decided to try out the open beta. We absolutely love the story campaign and the heroes and all that jazz, but the problem is… we typically are very noncompetitive people and we don’t like to go against real people. Mainly because we don’t like the pressure and it’s just not an enjoyable atmosphere.

So, my questions are:

  1. How is the community? Is it nice? Huge pressure to win? Will you get flamed for practically nothing?
  2. What are the rewards for winning? What are the rewards for losing? (Is it a huge difference?)
  3. How are you supposed to try out new heroes? Are you really supposed to bring fresh heroes into a versus match that you’ve never played before? Otherwise, you’re supposed to do a custom match and get absolutely nothing for it?

On a side note, I’m really sad that you can’t easily play with real people against bots. Almost every other MOBA like game allows you to play with real people against bots and still get rewards and gear. It feels quite depressing to get absolutely nothing, despite how fun this game is!

We would love to be able to buy this game, but I’m just worried about how much fun we’ll actually have and if it’ll be worth the 120$ we’d have to spend.

I should add that this will continue to be a closely moderated form. The friendly people will be here, so welcome…you should be able to find the kinds of folk you want to play with here.

I’ve found the vast majority of the community in solo que just doesn’t communicate at all unfortunately, hopefully this changes later on but to answer your questions on point

  1. there’s not a huge pressure to win in most matches I’ve been in, very few people get upset (or, again speak at all)

  2. the rewards for winning as opposed to losing, I haven’t noticed too much of a difference, there are a few winning challenges but the rewards (xp/credits) you get are typically based on how you did in the match

  3. If you’re uncomfortable trying a new one in a match I’d suggest running a campaign mission but going in fresh on a hero in a vs match hasn’t bitten my too hard yet

I’d say get it, a few years back when borderlands 2 came out i spent $120 as a student so me and my best friend could co-op and had more fun playing a game then we’d had in years, battleborn feels a lot like that, there’s a lot to try the campaign is funny you can play around and have a good time in general.

If you want to try out your new hero you can do a bot only match in private competitive. Flaming isn’t that bad even though I’ve caught myself doing some flaming myself (I try to hold back). Realistically speaking it’s a good community and if you come in with positivity you’ll get that back.

You want get any insults from me. I play the game and assist my team when I can.