How is the Handsome collection different from the original games?

I was just wondering i own BL2 / BLtPS and i was wondering how the handsome collection changes the games. Just a quick question

Better graphics and framerate, you also get 2 previously unobtainable skins.

Oh well so its not worth it ( although ill consider getting it for the xbox one to play w/ my friends) thanks

And 4 Player Splitscreen! (But who does that nowadays?)

You might want to take a “wait and see approach”. Apparently, there are some ongoing issues with Matchmaking for THC on Xbox One. Basically, people are having difficulty joining other people’s games. I know I won’t be purchasing THC for Xbox One (once I can afford to upgrade) unless / until GBX resolves the issue. See the following thread:

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both games and all the dlc is on one disc

No slowdown when using the Conference Call or Twister.
CC made the game unplayable if I used it on my PS3.
Also, 60 FPS helps on every front.

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Which skins were those? Thx.

Dahl Efficiency and Empress. (The latter is the name of Maya’s skin, it’s named differently for each character, and I don’t know the name of it for the others, but it’s the same colors as her skin.)

Cool, thanks!