How is the lag?

Love the Borderlands series but this games launch was horrendus, me and my buddies online wanns come back to it but how is the online lag still?

Never really experienced any game-related online lag, so… ::shrug::

I can’t speak for PC and Playstation’s state of gameplay but I know Xbox has improved a lot since launch. The frame rate doesn’t drop as often as it did at launch. Every update so far has improved performance even if it was a small improvement.

Lag - can be caused by one of two things.

1: The network connection of you,the host or other participants.

2: Particle effects and such like which cause a performance drop - predominately on the host.

With 1:
If the host has a poor upload speed.
If latency between you and host is high
If latency between another member and host is high - not always as most network traffic is fire and forget (thats why when you lag you stutter)

With 2: Its more about the game impacting the performance of the console/computer and effectively draining resource from the connection. (in rudimentary terms).

Unless you have a low powered pc, this shouldn’t occur that often. I’ve been on ps4 and have 4 VH’s particle streaming (elec banjo, brain stormer, ties that bind) and sometimes the system copes, sometimes the framerate drops which indicates system performance (during that portion) which can feel like lag.

If you are the host, your systems lack of performance will impact the speed of network data getting to the other participants.

So to test, ensure your region is locked to you’re actual region and try a random online game, you might find it wont be as laggy.

that’ll indicate it’ll be one of your buddies. So perhaps get another buddy (the one with fastest connection) to host the session.

Online lag has to do with your connection or the connection of the other players… nothing with the game.

“Lag” could also be a drop In FPS. Playing takedown with 4 player using brainstormer or Zane builds definitely drops the FPS dramatically.

Just two or three times getting lag since release, compared to Borderlands 2 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mostly right.

Depending on the platform, how the game performs on a given system can have an impact on lag…not as much as a poor connection, but an impact none the less.

I think every ‘stutter’ people see is described as lag these days.

Lag is still latency in the internet connection, manifesting in things like rubber banding.

Framerate issues or frame-pacing is game related, but is not called lag.

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