How is the matchmaking on this game?

Levels don’t mean skill. I want to be VERY clear on that, I want everyone to know that the topic creator knows that. Ok?

It does however mean you’ve probably had a lot more practice at this game than to say… a level 15 guy (who’s probably still unlocking characters but just thought he’ll try out PVP.) I enjoy a matchmaking system where it pairs you up with others (aroundish) your level. That way it’s always fair grounds your stepping on. Not 15+/20+ guys vs 50+/60+ gods!

I’ll say this though, those 50+/60+ players could be crap. That’s true but they obviously have WAY more practice at this game than low level players who are probably still learning.

It’s been okay. I did get into a match where everyone on my team was level 40 and above while the enemy team was literally filled with people under level 15. They got stomped real hard.

But besides that one time, I have been in matches where skill wise it was pretty equal and the average commander rank of the enemy team was close to ours.