How is the new meltdown suppous to be played?


First i feel rly frustrated with the new meltdown, i think is because i dont understand the new rules.

I dont have time for gear.
A small difference in points feels masive, 80vs160.
The wining team only needs to push 1 lane while the losing needs to focuse in both.

Could anyone give me some tips? I seriously dont like this mode anymore… Capture feels more relevant.


I’m an incursion player myself but from what I gather you would want to use a 0 cost shard generator and wrench. Elite bots are a huge factor now that max points are 300 instead of 500 plus whoever gets to 300 first basically wins anyway.

Not sure if you would want to go all 0 cost gear or have one cost a little more but buying those elite bots early and often will most likely lead to a win.

I made an all 0 cost load out with shard gen and wrench just for meltdown but I haven’t played meltdown since I made it so I don’t know how effective it is yet.

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Your PSN ID looks familiar. Did you message me last night? Could have been someone else.

Yup, you are the mean kelvin.

Lol. I am the mean Kelvin but I’m also nice too.

I learned a couple of things watching you. Like missing a chomp before chomping for extra shield.

Totally off topic but @legendoflink2288 and @dantesolar we ALL played together last night. We were rolling ppl hard last night. Good Miko work Dante

With Kelvins legendary I chomp constantly, without the legendary I chomp to deal damage and when I’m escaping.

We were rocking it last night. Great job all around.

I played meltdown for a few of the daily and main quests and it’s almost impossible to come back if you lost the race to 300. But from what I learned, it is best, like legendflink says, to use 0 costs gear. all your money should go towards the turrets or an elite bot. Better gear is basically useless since the game is over so fast, that if you focused on getting shards for gear, your team will probably lose. And as for the gear, it should be a shard generator and a wrench, like legendflink said, and the third piece should fit the character, thorn can benefit from skill damage for her blight, and oscar can benefit from reloading, for the obvious reason. Sadly Meltdown was a great game, known for being able to make amazing comebacks, but now it will never be known for that since the score is 300. leaving no room for a comeback, and the Finale is meant for the winning team just it rub it in the other team’s face. There is hardly any way to take out one of the bots, let alone two

So focus on your early game and destroying minions and not players and you have a better chance at winning, if you focus on players and forget about the minions, your team will lose since the enemy will probably be focusing on the minions.


I strongly agree :frowning:

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At first I thought Finale was going to be great and really good fun, but after playing a few matches, it really is just a steamroll. I can hardly make it to lvl 5 in a game. They end far too fast and just aren’t enjoyable. I’ve only ever had 2 close games and even then, the team that made it to 300 first still won. :confused: TBH they should just bring normal Meltdown back. A simple first to 500 wins.


Finale is bad because of 3 things.

  • At the start of finale big bots spawn only for the winning team. That’s the worst thing you can do to a game mode (and they did it).

  • Matches are too quick, that leads to players being low level (5-6). it’s pretty hard to kill a big damn bot when you have only started to feel decently powerful.

  • Quick matches lead to restricted loadouts and you can’t improvise that much anymore (just like in capture or face-off)

Overall, I think Meltdown: Finale did not improve a single thing. It made the mode far less enjoyable to play.

I got a close match 300-290. thought “this could be how devs wanted it to be” well the other team decided to go 5 in one lane… It ended rly fast and was disapointing.

I do not enjoy this mode anymore :frowning:

The best I’ve done is defending from bots at v2.0 up to v6.0 until the other team finally scored. It starts to get ridiculous after a few minutes in the finale mode and it’s impossible for a comeback, despite that being the intention of finale in the first place. It’s already hard to deal with the ultra minions because nobody is a high enough level due to the short games, and the difficulty only progresses when the minions get stronger as you can’t level up fast enough to effectively deal with them. The rate at which the bots spawn too is ludicrously fast, as soon as one dies there’s another, stronger one, right behind it. This leaves you no time to counter push the lane. Not to mention that you have to deal with all the other enemy players in the lane too. That and the fact that the minion you have is considerably weaker than the winning teams so if you do happen to get a push going, it’s most likely that your minion won’t even make it halfway down the lane. At this point, you’re just delaying the inevitable. :disappointed:

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Sometimes i think the finale is a similar option to overtime in overwatch. A way to keep going and going, but like you said; there are not enough lvls or gear to kill super minions.

Is also unfair for both teams… The losing team “could” score 1 bot and win a Match of 300-3 and that would be bulls***. I dont think there is a way to balance this crap.

I liked the idea of super minions as a way to break a tide instead of first blood.

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It’s not meant to be played, really. #bringmeltdownback

< /salty comment… I gave reluctantly constructive criticism elsewhere>

I can see what you mean. I thought of maybe having only one super minion in a lane to balance it out, but that would just lead to a massive 5v5 which is no good.

I think at this point though, I’d rather lose a game knowing it was close, like 500-464 in normal meltdown, than having a 300-285 game in finale and then having my all hopes and dreams crushed by the ultra minion, just because it gives a huge unfair advantage to the team that gets 300 first.

IDK what to do either. Maybe remove the phase where the winning team only gets a super minion and give ultra minions to both teams based on the points they have after 300 has been hit.

For example: A team gets to 300 first, so they get a v3.0 minion, however the other team had a close game and scored 275 points, so they get a v2.0 minion. Whereas, if the score was 300-30, the losing team at the time would only get a v0.0 ultra minion. So the closer the game actually was, the more chance of a comeback, making it a little bit more balanced than a 300-3 comeback, which I agree, is total bs.

This is just an idea though.