How is the PS4 community doing?

I played closed beta and open beta, but didn’t buy the game yet. However I considered it a lot of fun back then and don’t really care what the critics said. How is the PS4 community? Is it still worth to invest now? I’d love to play a good support.

Where are you from? If you’re from Australia then I flat out cannot recommend this game in its current state with the servers. Otherwise, the ps4 community seems pretty decent, but I’m not sure if your asking in regards to size or attitude of the community.

I am literally the furthest from Australia since I’m from Europe haha…but yeah I’m also curious if there is any toxicity or an acceptable player base.

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I haven’t encountered any toxicity at all tbh. If I random queue then I don’t normally have my mic on. Even when randoms talk during the match there’s been no hostility or aggression. I’d say it’s pretty good, but my experience is still a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things

I’m in the UK and things seem fine with the PS community. It doesn’t take too long to get into games (2-5 minutes normally) and most people don’t use a mic. I will do sometimes and usually when I do, others who do use mics seem friendly enough.

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I’m from Germany and I can say that Battleborn on PS4 is doing just fine in Europe.
I usually get matches within a few minutes, even during daytime. Just encountered problems getting Advanced Story mission teams, but after playing one of those once with a bunch of randoms… Well, it didn’t turn out well so it’s better to do those with a pre made team anyway :'D

Concerning toxicity: I didn’t encounter many idiots yet. Just some guy yesterday got pissed because me and a team mate were talking over mics and we didn’t answer him (we just don’t really talk to randoms). But if you get the game feel free to add me on PSN! I’d love to team up.

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Eastern USA here. All seems good on the PVE front. do not do a lot of PVP so cannot tell either way.

Also in Australia and haven’t played my PS4 copy for 2 weeks (tried last week, gave up after it practically went no where)…
It just doesn’t function the way a game in 2016 should function (lag, disconnects, extremely slow matchmaking)…
But this does appear to be some what region specific (Australia)…

If the feedback in your region is positive, then I would recommend giving Battleborn a go…
It is a fun, and humorous game, All the things I love about gearbox games…

When I did play it, I didn’t have many encounters with toxic players…
and if I did, the moment they knew someone could/would communicate their displeasure back to them, they stopped…
Mute is handy too…

But I found most random encounters, players didn’t use mics, But game play was still enjoyable whether PvP or PvE…
Can still have a successful experience (whether winning, or losing) without mic communication…

While I’m still not running back to it at the moment, I will pop the disc in occasionally…
hoping that its efficiency will improve in my region, and I can play it as smoothly and quickly as I used to be able to (the beta days mostly).

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No particular problem from France. Sometimes, difficulty to find match but it’s due to people who leaving matchmaking because they see a CR100 :rolling_eyes:

I don’t have any problems in the UK. Matches are fairly quick and people don’t seem to drop out as often as the early days.
You get the occasional griefer, but that’s the same with any game

Eastern United States is fine when it comes to que times and finding a match. People just sitting there in base or disconnecting is a completely different story unfortunately.

I’m from Europe the country to the left of Germany and play with some germans too and we find matches in the evening in 1-2 minutes usually

I’m playing on PS4 in the US and have been having a good time and no issues finding matches. If you have any more questions I could answer, fire away.

USA PS4 no problem finding Incursion games and very little complaining from players while playing. It takes a little longer to find Meltdown games but not more than maybe 5 minutes.

Matchmaking slow , on the ps4 , but as community here it goes,

1st i am xbox player for 15 years , one thing on ps4 none them use there mic or are afraid to use there mics so that sucks. or they refuse to join the blind party chats and groups to work as a team. Some reason they think it rude ? WTF?>

2nd on ps4 there are good players , but like said at #1 there not using the mics to work as a team .

3rd them many former xbox players i know gave up on the game because of the matchmaking to slow they went to there other home games, on the xbox and pc games.

4th matchmaking is slow.

5th people on ps4 ten to quit faster then should be , during the match making because of players command ranks. and not even understand that it does not matter.

6th people on ps4 will rage quit all the time, for no reason. dash board. Even when got few players set up to make the push get the lead back, because they refuse to mic or join the team party.

7th there is issues with matchmaking were if in a form party a few goes into the match while the rest are out of the match at the start and your stuck in the matchmaking screen. while they get to fight. xbox mass effect matchmaking issue back in the day, in this game.

8th many of the ps4 players that seem good like well , there going to one the free to play games like this now.

9th LAG IS HORRIBLE , when with players in other countries, since ps4 slows the hell out of players speeds before it even get to the game . they throttle the upload speeds so much , make players standby , i get on all my other stuff wifi and cpu and stuff uploads speeds 15mb to 25mb upload , but on ps4 it only 3 mb , so running into a wall so games will do the old lag looking switches with there outdated online system. It sucks. i feel bad for fiber users.

10th The game is fun as hell when you find those that are pc or former xbox players . or people on ps4 like damn , so this is what online gaming about.

Fyi i move to ps4 this generation better gamer console , for games, and microsoft screwed me over on my arcade games , but sony online still sucks, was hoping it be better. the ps4 system amazing .

I’d like to address the various points you have made.

Whilst many don’t use mics, some do (I do at times when playing solo and always when playing with my fiancée when we use in-game chat). Typically when one person uses their mic, some others do too.

See response above.

See response below.

That seems to vary depending on your location and time you play (and possibly to do with ELO rating). In the Europe, where the OP is, matchmaking seems to be quite quick going by the responses from me and others in the region.

Quitters are an issue but that’s the same across all platforms, not just PS4. There are many reasons for people quitting but this seems to be more to do with a player’s bad performance in the game or their surrender vote was rejected by the rest of the team than to do with command rank (typically people who don’t like the look of the command rank of the opposition leave matchmaking even before it gets to the character select screen, so it doesn’t have any impact on a match). Many have complained about quitters on this forum and hopefully the devs will do something about this to discourage quitters.

See response above.

Can’t say I’ve come across this issue. If it exists, it’s likely across all platforms, not just the PS4.

I’m not clear about what you are saying. If you’re suggesting that PS4 players are abandoning Battleborn for free to play games, do you have any evidence for this (and which games are they going to)? Do you have any evidence that this is specific to PS4 players only rather than Battleborn players across all platforms?

Lag is an issue when playing with others in other countries on any platform, not just PS4, because you are connected to servers far away and have a red/yellow bars. This issue is more prevalent for Australians due to no local servers (from what I’ve read) whereas in Europe there is little issue with this (unless you play at quiet times of the day and are then more likely to be connected to players in say Asia).

I’m going to call you out on this and say that you are just making this up, unless you can produce some evidence that playing with people who haven’t been former PC or XBox players is not fun. I have never gamed on either of those platforms online, I’ve only ever played on PlayStation consoles and I like to think that I’m fun and friendly to play with (and I use a mic).

Sony online doesn’t suck. It’s not perfect, it does have its issues at times but so does the XBox and PC. I’ve had no problems playing online with many games, Battleborn included, and any issues mentioned above pertain to Battleborn itself, not Sony online.

Copy what everbody except @sc34sc said: The PS community is rolling with BB like thunder :white_check_mark:

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send me party invite will have civil converstation, going be on for about hr , PSN name is Mindfulpizza. Yea same one from xbox live also. and many other games . I am not trolling just say the truth from , people i have met over the last 17 years on online gaming . My first online game was scorch dial up on 9kb dial up modem. before text was even in games and before doom and wolfenstein and all that 1992. online .