How is the PS4 queue times and playerbase?

It’s been…god knows how long since I’ve touched BB. It’s been off my PS4 for over a year I think? Possibly just under. I loved the game dearly but as it began to whittle, I left. I enjoyed everything I did in it, but I want to come back. I miss it dearly and want to hop back in and play a few of my favourite characters again. How are queue times and how is the playerbase doing. Even a few years after Bioshock 2 came out, a decent sized pool of players were still playing it, it was great since I was still able to enjoy it. I know BB isn’t stone cold dead, probably far from it, but will I be able to find matches at a decent rate?

I would say the queue time has been lately around 1 - 15 min.

Evenings and weekends Im generally looking at >1-2 minutes. Mornings & afternoons can be up to 5< minutes.

The times Im on games are quick to form.

I live in Easter Standard time.

Hit me up if you wanna play: Esword330

Longer than most games.