How is this a "Stellar Cast?"

Could someone with better eyes than me explain what happened in this clip? :stuck_out_tongue: Got me kind of confused.

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Nope. I’m failing. Eyes, you suck. Also, nice kill on that Pendles. He deserved it for being so sneakkyyyyy.

I should have included our man…bird hunt for a lonely backdooring benny but I guess it’s for another occasion.

Idk but good almost double

I see what happened. I’m guessing you chose the level ten healing option. That makes it so that if someone is in the healing radius, then leaves it, then enters it again it counts as multiple battleborn for the lore. I’ve gotten progress when it was just me and one friend in a story mission with no NPC in sight.


What, really?

Life hack fellas! If only this wasn’t like the first match I’ve reached 10 in for a week lmao

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