How is Thorn with the new update?

(Lanthis) #1

I’ve been focusing on finishing college and so I have no time for games. What I have yet to see any feedback on is Thorn. How is she now? Good? Bad? Do her new helix choices synergize well?

(Ambra's Arbiter) #2

Lots of fun. Haven’t spent enough time due to all of the changes but she’s very good. I built for volley, don’t know too much about blight

(Australian Lite™) #3

Blight got hit hard with the AoE nerf update, and this was the nail in the coffin - she doesn’t get the slow until way late game. Her Volley-focused build is all that’s viable now.

Also, side note, her legendary gear’s main stat is now skill damage instead of crit damage. Don’t know why, and I don’t like it.

(The MONTANA!!) #4

Personally have loved most of the changes. Level nine archers boon got a great buff, making it usable in PvP, and has actually saved me from imminent death a few times.

Yes the slow has been moved down to level six, but this allows you to actually get the benefits from both the original level one helix choices in mid-late game. Best way to deal with it before level six, is to only blight the minion wave, and only do so when they engage your team, or your minions. They almost always stay in the same spot while they are engaged with your own minions, making it really easy to get the full damage on the minion wave.

Edit: bleeding volley is better than its ever been. You deal a total of 144 bleed damage per target over 8 seconds. Every time you use it Mellka dies inside a little. Doesn’t matter if she’s in the match or not.