How is XP earned? Why does my partner and I have different XPs?

My partner and I have played this game together, and never individually. However he is about half a level ahead of me. (We are at about level 22 now) I’m wondering what constitutes to this difference? I tend to die more than him. So am I also losing XP when I die as well? Or is it because he is killing more enemies than me? I had the impression that I was only losing money and that we get equal XPs for everything we kill. There are instances where he is still sorting weapons at the shop and I am killing enemies nearby but he also gets the XP. Hope someone can help advise! Thanks!

I haven’t played enough coop in Bl3 to be certain it’s the same but in previous Borderlands games the player who gets the kill gets full xp for it and the rest of the party get only a portion(I believe it’s about 80%)

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Also I believe, crit kills give slightly more xp

My friend revives me and their pet more than I revive anyone ever, so they got a whole two thirds of a level ahead of me

Ahh cool. Thank you all for the tips!

I’ve never heard of people who don’t get the kills getting less XP, nor have I heard that Crit kills give more XP. However, I have never tested either. I do know for a fact, though, that reviving someone gives the player doing the reviving XP that the player being revived doesn’t get. That’s going to be a big part of the discrepancy.

I played a lot of couch coop Borderlands 1&2 so I’m certain on this.